Give New Bae a Chance: How to let go and live fearless

I bet that it was a surprise that “The Fear Hurdler” is talking about livin’ fearless.  Of course, I like to talk about fear.  Some would even go as far as to say that I live fearlessly.  Though I would agree.  But how could I live this fearless life and still be scared? Actually deathly afraid at times.  Wouldn’t that be backwards…..

What if I told you that livin’ fearless had nothing to do with NOT experiencing fear?

Let me put it like this.  You know your ex-boo wasn’t any good.  They had Tiger Wood amounts of “Becky’s with the good hair.”  It never fails that they pop up with the “how you been big head” messages when you meet a new fine piece of chocolate; well ex boo…..that’s fear!

At this point in life, you can almost time their entrance.  You expect them to be there.  When we tend to fall for the old lies of “I’m a change person, I promise I’ll do right this time” we fall for the old lies only to find ourselves bustin’ windows out of their car only months later. 

The dictionary tells us that the word “fearless” is to be without fear.

That’s stupid.  Fear is always going to be around.  But you really want to know what fearless really is? It’s expecting, almost anticipating FEAR, but not allowing it to hold you enslaved!

I know that when I find myself in my next relationship (bae where you at? Stop playing lol) I will look in my inbox, see the “I miss you” message and keep it moving.  If I continue to fall for the same ole lies, I will never receive the fullness in a relationship that was meant for me.  Chile, I already know what a relationship with ex boo is going to bring me. 

But a relationship with new bae; no telling what it may bring me.  Will it guarantee happiness…….no. But I never know the new possibilities if I don’t stop replaying the past. 

Fear is your old boo.  It will always be there to make the worst time of your life, sound like a beautiful sympathy. 

Fearless is new bae, with all his chocolate finest; ready to show you a world that you have yet to experience. 

Don’t allow fear to hold you as a prisoner to your destiny.  There are some things that life wants to show you but you have to become open to accept it. 


"For life to give you its blessings, you must first be open to accept it...the world wants you to WIN!" - CLICK TO TWEET


Will asking your boss for the raise scare the hell out of you…..uh yeah; or even for myself, launching products to sale, I was scared as hell (shameless plug don’t forget to pre-order your “Fearless” gear today!)

Acknowledge the fear…..and do it anyway! 

I’m on the other side of the jail cell telling you that walking up out of there is FREEDOM! 

It creates a peace in your life…

Gives you confidence of Kanye…..

The courage to take on all that comes your way…..

It births a DOPENESS inside of you….

So when are you going to give new bae a chance?

Decide to live FEARLESS! 


Don't Forget......

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