Stuck in a ditch: How to overcome feeling "STUCK" Part 1

You walk into an elevator, the doors close, and then you notice that it isn’t going anywhere…

You’re stuck……

Trapped, not knowing if you have enough oxygen to survive or if firefighters will ever come to save you. When having all of these unanswered thoughts it can be TOUGH…. The elevator can indeed be broken or you just forgot to hit a floor to actually go somewhere.

Being “stuck” is just a feeling.  When we allow this feeling to fester it can dig us deeper inside of the hole instead of getting to a place where we desire to be.  It has the chance to make us feel that we are hopeless and our current situation is permanent; loading us with defeating messages.. And when negativity takes over rarely does our mind look for a way out but transform into a negative Nancy who just complains….complains….and complains…(if you didn’t know this by now but complaining doesn’t change a thang).

These next couple of weeks we are going to explore this whole “stuck” thing.  Am I stuck? How do I get out of this hole?  What’s next?

What it ain’t

I don’t have any kids but my nieces and nephew give me all the entertainment that I need.  There is never a dull moment with these little munchkins; they range from 2 – 13 years old.  One day I was at my brother’s house and my brother told the youngest that she couldn’t have something.  This smiling little baby all of the sudden wrenched her face and began to cry.  Well actually she was just making the crying noise, not one tear came out of her eyes.  Of course with my country self tells her “girl if you don’t hush with all that hollerin’ ain’t nothing wrong with you.”  Just like that what seemed to be a cry for help was just an Oscar award winning performance as she went back to laughing and playing.

We will kick and scream about how we are stuck but in reality there AIN’T NOTHING WRONG WITH US!  A while back I talked about how fear has all of these different mask and it doesn’t always come in the form of being scared; well this is just another part of the costume.  We will KNOW what needs to be done but FEARFUL of actually going through with it.  So when we state that we are stuck it is just the easy way out.  You want the promotion at work but fearful that you will not perform so instead of rising up to the bar you continue to complain about where you are. You may feel stuck in a relationship but in reality you are fearful that you will be alone so instead of breaking it off you stay with his no good behind….


Nah bruh you have a CHOICE to either stay put or make a run for the door.  FEAR has a crazy way of paralyzing us to make us believe that we don’t.  The only way to gain your power back is to DO IT.  That is where you have to exercise FAITH.  The belief that whatever is on the other side is greater than what you are experiencing now.  Faith…. then DO really is that simple.


What it is

Now that we have all of the fluffy stuff out the way here are some of the signs that you may be stuck:

-          No vision or direction of what you REALLY want

-          Fuzzy on which way you should go

-          Not motivated

-          Belief that your situation will not change

-          That your circumstance can’t change

-          The feeling of being overwhelmed (so many things to do that you do nothing)

-          What you are going through has the power over you


Do you resonate with any of these? My friend you may indeed be stuck.  Being stuck can make it seem as if you are in a world wind with no choices to get out.

Stop beating yourself up, it is common to go through this but it is important to know that you can always GET OUT.  Stay tuned for next week as we begin to pry the elevator’s doors open.