Talking out the side of ya neck: 5 reasons talk is cheap

In my younger days I always lived for a good hype fight.  Not actually the fight but you know the buildup (what you gon do...cross this line I bet you won’t).  I was just always entertained by the lame insults that were exchanged because most of the time they didn’t make sense.  But any who there was always that one person that would talk the most stuff but would NEVER fight.  I know that we are no longer in grade school but a lot of us carry ourselves in the same manner.  We will talk an idea, business plan, life change, bae change, to DEATH but fail to actually take an action towards it. 

Check this out I was at my part time gig the other day and one of the employee’s son decided to kick it with me at the front desk.  As always he is updating me on his life; you know a typical high schooler girls, girls, girl, girls, a little school work, and more girls.  Once he saw me pull out my snack… apples of course (I told ya’ll I was about the healthy life) he becomes overwhelmed with hungriness (you know the ahhhhh I’m so hungry my head hurt…extra extra read all about it).   So of course he asked me if I had any more food; I was fresh out.  BUT as always I had the plug so I let him in on the little secret to ask the coach in the back because he has the holy grail of snacks (cookies, crackers, popcorn, fruit cups, oatmeal…EVERYTHING).After I gave him the instruction to the goldmine he looks at me ask says “can you ask Coach for me” 

Ummmmm excuse me but the last time I checked I wasn’t the one about to die of starvation.  For the next hour he TALKED instead of creating (or following) the plan to change his situation. Which reminded me really how talk is cheap.

1.       Actions are louder than words

This is a very self-explanatory quote; HOWEVER we still fail to let our actions do the work.  You know that same homegirl with the no good boyfriend (she know it, he know it, hell even his mama know it). She continues to get her heart broken and REPEATLY tell you that she is going to leave only to stay with his trifling behind.  Often I think when people continue to repeat situations (work, school, or bae) they have yet to act on; are they  trying to convince ME or THEMSELVES? Pay attention to those who are really out here getting it.  They don’t TALK much; they just DO!

2.        TALK gets you nowhere

If you were riding down the street with me and my car was on E (which would most likely be the case; it’s a bad habit the Lord still working on me).  I keep telling you how I need to stop and get gas but never stop.......just talking.  Unless I pair the words with action we will be stuck on the side of the road.  But I guess when we say we want a new job without doing anything about it that that’s a different situation………riiiiiiiiiiiight…(side eye).

3.       Give away your power

When we don’t do things for ourselves it means two things;

1.       It is not going to get done

2.       You give someone else your power

Instead of going to the back and asking coach yourself for the snacks you leave your destiny in my hands.  I MIGHT break after you have gotten on my last nerve but I doubt it (I will go lengths just to teach you a lesson).  Do you really want to leave your destiny to hope?

4.        Talkers are annoying

Maybe it’s just me (or I may be the only one to admit it) but in certain settings either at work, the club, school, or even church; there is always that one person that as soon as you see them coming your inner James Bond is released. 

Soon as they catch you in a conversation they tell you for the 4567 time about the same idea or job they want but have yet to do anything about it.  After you hear the same story for the billionth time  and the same process has been made (zero) it gets ANNOYING.  And if this is foreign to you I’m pretty sure that when you come around folks Mama just happen to always call them huh……..

5.       Left empty handed

After this whole snack extravaganza; I had to let my lil homie know that he learned a very valuable lesson that he will be able to use for the rest of his life (and not that Jas is an A hole). It doesn’t matter how much you talk, ask, beg, and pled for something; if you are unwilling to MOVE you will most likely come up empty handed? (All because he allowed the fear to get in his way smh)

Even though you may not hear the deep thunder voice coming from the clouds; but God is always sending us directions for our lives.  But with the prayer answered it will STILL cause for us to make a step.  If you are not willing to take the step then you have to be ok with your circumstance.  That is essentially what you’re saying by doing nothing.  Shonda Rhimes illustrates this perfectly in her book “Year of Yes.”  She talks about her weight and the fact that she had been saying Yes to fat (by being lazy on the couch eating cookies and ice cream).  If she wasn’t ok with the fat she was going to have to workout and change her diet but if she wasn’t willing to take the necessary steps she had to be ok with the fat (not complaining about it).  Don’t allow your fear to paralyze you to stay in your situation. Be willing to change the situation or stop complaining about the situation!

How will you stop talking and make a step of action today?