The Key To Success........Dream BIG!

There was a light sound of rain outside my bedroom window and a perfect chill atmosphere and I knew that I would be asleep in no time.  I hopped into my cozy bed pulled the covers over my head and was on my way to Droolville. As my dreams started to take shape I found myself in front of an pack arena speaking to thousands of people.  Don't remember what I was saying but by the way the audience faces were engaged, holding on to every word that came out of my mouth, I must’ve been on POINT (memes everywhere of Beyonce surrounded with my elegant words #quotegoals).  After I killed the scene and walked off stage I was met with a grand hug by nobody else but Auntie O (Oprah Winfrey, she’s my aunt in my head) ………oh snap! I was a “Life Trailblazer” on Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend Tour.  You GOT to be kiddin’ me, I want and strive to be successful but THIS.......... this was WAY too big, let me scale this back just a little.  Maybe just speaking in a community center,packed with everyone waving their church fans (is it me or are funerals and black history facts the only church fans that you see…..anyway).  Have you ever felt yourself scaling back? In every aspect whether it is dreaming about the job that would give power and authority, even being with that fine man on @BallerAlert’s #MorningWood.  How could I allow myself to “ACT BIG” if I didn’t let go to “DREAM BIG”?

When I woke up the next morning I couldn’t shake the thought why was I always falling back I mean it was just my dreams I didn’t have anything to lose.  Maybe this was just me? I was sure that this wasn’t an epidemic or anything, but right before I labeled myself a weirdo I came across this book in the library.  “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz …..Whoop there it was! If this fella wrote a whole book on HOW to think big it must be a very common issue (which it is but folks turn the blind eye to it).  Like most issues the source of it develops in the messages that we feed ourselves (or the lack of).  It’s crazy that when we don’t really believe in ourselves it even haunts us in the imaginary world! 

As a youngin I always remembered that asking my Ma for money would be a lost cause but I would at least try anyway because her response was ALWAYS going to be “I ain’t got it”(even though she sometimes would…..parents geeez).  So that being beat in my brain I started to unconsciously believe that money was something that I didn’t have access to in abundance, a couple dollars here and there but never to the effect that I could make it rain. To be honest, thinking about the past now I could never dream of being in a huge mansion or fifteen different cars just because but only enough to get by.  But the more I began to read and educate myself on money the message always included the change of mindset, so I started to change the messages that I told myself.  I not only started to truly believe that I could acquire it (even though I was BROKE) but my dreams started to take a turn.  I was now living it up buying houses for my family members;  paid off college loans (which is like 10 million right there) and even bought hundreds of Chick fi la’s restaurants worldwide (free food duuuuuh).  Then the CRAZIEST thing happened in real life.... I signed an offer letter for a new job that almost DOUBLED my previous salary!! But it all had to start with me, the belief that I could and the ability to dream BIGGER!

If You Can’t DREAM BIG, You Can’t ACT BIG!!

A GET Better Reflective Moment

  1. 1. Pay attention to the next time you scale your dreams down

    • What is the reoccurring theme? Career aspirations? Money? Family? Independence?

  2. Does it include something that you are pursuing or that fear is holding you back from?

  3. How can you work on that to enable you to dream bigger?


Get it? GOT it? GOOD........Welp, until next time!