The Wait Game: Move From Being the Victim to Unleashing Your Inner Superhero (Part 2)

It’s deep. 
This hole that I have found myself in.  Dark, small, lonely, anxiety kicks in as I don’t know what to do next.  How do I get out of this place? 
I mean nobody wants to live here but at the same time nobody knows how to get out.  Light?
It’s there, but it is so far away that I can barely see it.  The hole is too deep for me to climb out, so therefore I wait.  I wait until someone comes to my rescue.  That’s it the only way I can get out is if this mysterious superman figure swoops down and saves the day. 
So until then I’ll sit here. 
Here in this hole that no one knows that I am even in. It’s almost as if I’m waiting for someone to read my mind and to see that I’m screaming help on the inside.  But the last time I checked humans don’t possess mind reading abilities. 
So therefore I’m just waiting….
Waiting on something that will never happen….
Waiting on a miracle to pop out of the sky….
waiting to be levitated out of this hole and back on solid land. 
I can’t save myself so I’ll just wait……
Wait.... Poem by Jasamine Hill

While we are in this place of being stuck many of us say these very words.  We don’t know what to do so therefore we wait for someone else save us from this feeling.  As we wait, what we really are doing is letting time pass us by. 

I remember when I was younger, I use to be a VERY picky eater.  The only thing I would eat was chicken fingers, fries, and pizza until I was 18 (ok I lie things didn’t change until about 23).  Yes, I was spoiled so I got my way most of the time but every once and a while my grandma had to show me that she still wore the big pants and make me eat something that I literally could not stand. 

I would sit at the dinner table and she would say “you ain’t leavin’ that table until you clean that plate.”  Being the man with a plan (even at a young age) I would wait until my mama got off work around 8:30. She would bail me out and I would be free to go.  But after sitting at the table for hours my mama walked in the house and said the same thing that my grandma said (how rude!). 

So there the whole day was gone, I couldn’t go outside and play but right to the bed.  Just as I waited for my ma to rescue me, we do the same thing and the only thing that we accomplish meanwhile was wasting time. 

As we continue to stay stuck we become helpless and hopeless; soaking in our misery.  We forget that we hold the power, and that we actually have had the strength the whole time to get out of this hole.  Why wait for Superman when we have been Louis Clark the whole time?

How did I get here?

The first step in unleashing our inner super hero is to understand how you fell into this hole in the first place.  What is the story that you continue to tell yourself? If you never know; you run without actually knowing what you are running from. 

When I found myself stuck I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get out.  Then I had to be truthful with what I was telling myself and what was REALLY happening.  Sort of like that person on FB, they post as if they really about that life and you want to say “you know that we  know you in real life right?” 

I really had to get to know myself in “real life.” 

"I didn’t have the job that I wanted because the job market was flooded and they only hired the boss’s relatives anyway.  

My manager didn’t allow me to work on that project because she was imitated of me; that I would show out. 

My coworker doesn't know what she is talking about, I was really right…."

In translation I learned from my story of how I became; that I couldn’t take blame.  Everything was always someone else’s fault and anyway that I could point the finger I was looking at who and what else could take the blame.  I was studying for the role of being a victim and I played the hell out of it. 

Because I figured out how I got in there, it assisted me in finding a way out.  Take some time to write out some reoccurring events…. Don’t lie to yourself but keep it a hunnid……

What is the story that you continue to tell yourself?

The Set Up

How do we get out of this hole? Hold that thought let me ask this…. Do you REALLY want to get out?  As easy as it was to fall in, it takes some WORK to get out.  We say that we want to get out but fail to actually do the work to climb out (still waiting for your superman to come huh? Hate to break it to you but he is like an absentee father…. he not coming to get you playa).

Let’s work.

Get clear on what you want.  What is your vision?  Where do you plan on going? What do you want to do? Where do you see yourself? 

It reminds me of my fitness journey.  Y’all I have really love living a healthy lifestyle but I must admit lately I have fell off the wagon…. Feel off, rolled down 15 flights of steps…. yea that bad.  I was doing soooo for over a year and I couldn’t understand how I could be taking this L. 

I had no vision of where I wanted to go which resulted in me losing allllll focus.  Take time to write down what your vision looks like…get as clear as you can…. (what you really want and not what you are settling for…. don’t make me go get my belt)

We often forget of all the awesomeness that resides on the inside of us.  WE ask questions when we have had the answers all along.  Being stuck does not equate to being HELPLESS, trust you WILL see the light again. 

"Don’t wait for something to happen…..CAUSE THE SOMETHING TO HAPPEN!"TWEET THIS

Just wait until next week when we really start shakin....