Wanna Be Like Oprah?: The power of an intentional life

"Knowing your deepest intention can be your guiding force in the creation of a better life" - Oprah Winfrey

I like Oprah.

Actually, I love Oprah.

Ok, ok, ok, I’m slightly obsessed with her!

We all know that she is a Billionaire, a mogul who has built her dynasty from the ground up.  Though those are some dope stats, that is not why she is an Auntie in my head.  She officially won me over after watching an interview with Brene Brown; the amount of energy she places on who she is as a person is breathtaking.  After studying and getting all A’s in the school of how Oprah became OPRAH; I can sum it up with one word.


Intention can be described as an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result; the end intended, purpose. 

As we countdown the last days of 2016 and get ready to dive into 2017; how can we all be more like Auntie O?  

The word intention at times can go over our heads.  Used as this deep term that overly smart people use, and we believe has no home within our lives.  When I first heard it I was like...


But now I come to realize it is much like our pure thoughts.  If you are thinking of a certain end result; take it one more level and there is where your intentions lie.    We often become upset when “other people” don’t respond in the way that we want them to.  In Oprah’s case, she would give people money so that they would like her.  But the result often showed otherwise and left her feeling used.  But giving people money isn’t a direct line for people to like you.

Honestly intention to me reads that you keepin’ it real with yourself.  It gives a crystal clear look out the window instead of dodging all the plants you put in the way in order to see.  When your intention is pure; guess what? The outcome doesn’t become a noodle thrown on the wall, oh and can’t forget frustration because you want someone to read your mind and give the results that you REALLY want.

This year I tore a page out of the Book of Oprah; and began to live intentionally.  I found myself caught up the world wind of social media.  "Ummm, let me check FB and IG to see how many “likes” this or that received."  My work didn’t reflect what I wanted people to get out of it, but I wanted people to like me and my work.  That opened the door for disappointment when people weren’t throwing a parade when I posted new stuff. 

Cause and effect.

When I started to be intentional it drew a direct line to the task.  Just because someone didn’t share my articles didn’t mean that they didn’t like me.  But transforming into intention changed my work and lowered my stress levels.  It was no longer a popularity contest, but before I sat down to write I would ask myself...

“What is the intention of this article?”

"What is it that I want people to grasp when reading this?"  

It became more about the content and less about how I wanted others to view me.

Just think about what you could accomplish in your New Year Resolutions if they were developed with intention? Instead of 5 things that sound good but you will forget about 2 months from now…

It’s greater than materialistic things; it’s deeper. 

Can I get deep real quick?

Those things can come and go; someone can decide that they are going to rob you of them today.  But finding solace within; joy, peace, abundance, etc.  It’s all about you and not what others want for you.  That alone gives you a new perspective of how you attack your day.  Though your situation may be boo boo, it changes your attitude and that has the power to change your life.  Just because you decided to be a lil’ intentional.

How will you be intentional in your actions?