Who's in Your Top Five?: 5 Friends that will take you to the next level

“You need to associate with people that inspire you, people that challenge you to rise higher, people that make you better.  Don’t waste your valuable time with people that are not adding to your growth.  Your destiny is too important.” – Joel Osteen

FRIEND.  A word that we use loosely but has so much meaning to it.  Facebook even tells us just because we are connected to someone that we are friends (even though you stalk your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend to be nosey; you know y’all ain’t no kind of friends).  But how many people are really our friends? Who are we surrounding and spending time with? Why does it even matter? Because our friends can be highly influential to our behaviors and who we become as a person.  It is who we spend the majority of our time with.  The Asch Conformity Experiment shows us how informative and normative conformity can take place when we have an opinion or thought against others; as humans we do not like to be left out (check it out very interesting The Asch Conformity Experiment).  If most of your friends have THOT behavior, you’re more than likely on the way to Thotty Land.  So as Achievers who should we surround ourselves with to reflect our destiny?  After watching Chris Rock’s Top Five I thought about the Top Five friends that we should kick it with.  How is it that some people soar while others crash and burn? Check it, here is my Top Five……….

The Dreamer

Go Big or Go Home! The Dreamer doesn’t think in terms of their current situation or limit thoughts but truly shoots for the stars.  They are essential to the crew because they make you think bigger.  How can you aspire for more if you never thought of the possibility of more?  Dream so big that it literally scares you……….yea THAT big!

The Realist

The Realist reminds you that your ish indeed stinks.  When going out to the club they inform that you will not be going anywhere with them looking like that.  If an HONEST opinion is ever needed head to them (most of the time they will find you) and will give you just that.  Why do they make the cut? Too many “yes men” around you will never challenge or stretch you to become a better person.  Their opinions may hurt at the time but trust me they mean well and only looking out for you (remember that there is a difference between being HELPFUL and being HURTFUL). 

The Optimistic

Ever meet someone who ALWAYS look at the glass half full?  I really believe that negative thoughts never enter this person’s mind; that is how positive they are.  What’s their position? To motivate you when you don’t even believe in yourself.  When you run out of gas this is the first person to hop out, get behind the car and say “Hey! Were almost to the gas station we can do it!” Even when it’s nowhere in sight.  It’s good to surround yourself with positivity, their energy and spirit become CONTAGIOUS. After a while your attitude will bypass the bad and go straight to the good.  

The Genius

The Genius is an overachiever and the smartest person you know.  They crush goals and get….it….DONE. After receiving several degrees, they obtain a bomb job making BANK….that they actually LOVE! Why chose them? They show you that it’s possible.  It is a reoccurring motivation that your goals can come true.  They continuously put you on game that will take you to the next level.  They reach to pull you up as they continue to strive.  As the saying goes, “if you’re the smartest person in the room….you’re in the wrong room.”

The Reacher

To round out the top five, you have the Reacher.  This person hasn’t made it to their goals yet, may not even be successful in any sense of the word, and sometime becomes very discouraged.  They need you more than you need them.  You inspire them to keep going much like the Dreamer does to you.  In return it makes you go harder because if you quit they will too.  It’s the best give and take relationship tandem. Remember that a lot of our struggles and test are not for us but to show others that they are able to get through it too.  We may be the only teacher that can get through to them. Never know who you will INSPIRE if you never ASPIRE to go after it. 

Take a look at your Top Five.  If you ever want to see how others view you take a look at your friends; you are the sum of the five people that you hang around the most.  If hanging with 4 broke people, you are bound to be the fifth.  Today I want you to take ten minutes to think about your crew; are they moving you towards your fullest potential or stunting your growth?

If the relationship is stunting your growth .......................


Who’s in your top five and how have they helped you to take it to the next level?