Have a dream but now clue on how to achieve it?

Hate your job?

Have no idea what you want to do with your life?

Life isn’t going as you envisioned it?

Can’t seem to finish anything that you start?

Tired of living a mediocre life?


My name is Jasamine Hill (yes it is pronounced Jasmine, the extra A is silent my mama added for flavor) though I am now a certified personal development coach, speaker, writer, and host of “The Perfectly Imperfect Grind” podcast; I too felt like every one of those questions.  I have always been ambitious, and at the age of 23 I had everything in which I planned life to be.

Two degrees (a Bachelor’s of Science in Sport Management and a Master’s of Education in Sport Administration) and after graduating I would be working in the front office of a professional basketball team.

I was Instagram #GOALS and all that society said that success looked like.  But now that all I desired was in my hands, my dream became a living hell.  I HATED MY JOB! I was no longer myself.  A social butterfly now locked herself in the apartment.  From the time that I opened my eyes I was already counting down the hours until it was time to clock out.

I worked so hard through my collegiate years to get to this point.  Now that it was here one major factor was missing.


 I had to find a way to escape this dark place; so I did what I call the dumbest smartest decision of my life. 

I told my manager the truth that I didn’t want to do sales any longer (I was in a training program and it was known that saying those words ,you would be shun).  So I kinda quit/kinda was fired (I Quit! .....Or Was I Fired? 3 Lessons I Learned By Facing The Truth).  But there was one problem I had no job or potential job lined up. 

I was officially unemployed

But it was this leap of faith that would change my life forever. 

The longest three and a half months of my life!  I had taken a leap of faith; my life didn’t change for the better but I went deeper into this hole. 

I had been in church all of my life but this was the first time I really had to cling to my faith to pull me through.  At times God has to knock us all the way down for us to look up to him and allow him to build us up.  The gospel songs that I would sing just because it sounded nice or had a catchy hook was different.  I felt the words; I would sing it with meaning now as it was my only hope to make it.  My transformation was taking place. 

But because I wasn’t ballin’ the bills had to be paid somehow so I ended up in Corporate America aka The Cube Life.

My friends and I would always talk about how we hated our jobs and the big dreams that we had for our futures.  Mine looked like this; first take over the sports world and then in 15 years become an Life Coach, write some books, and inspire others. 

But now wasn’t the RIGHT time I was still young.  And WAY too worried that folks would think what I wanted to do was stupid so I put my dream on the back burner (because what others thought was so much more important….**rolls eyes at myself**). 

As I talked to my older co-workers they would always discuss what they wanted to do but *insert an excuse* was the reason they didn’t; hence why they still worked here. 

These were the same conversations I was having with my 20 something year old friends!

 For some reason I just assumed that when we became older life changed for you.  But after those conversations it proved me wrong that no matter if you were 20 or 65 years old FEAR is the one thing that will stop you from achieving what you REALLY want in life. 

In the cube in that moment I made my decision that I would no longer allow FEAR to get in my way….I WAS IN CONTROL OF MY DESTINY! (I know I heard that my whole life but this time but this time it felt like I could really be the change that I wanted to see..I could feel it…touch it….BELIEVE IT!). 

It’s time to place settling to the side; we will NO LONGER let FEAR keep us from where we want to be.  So take this journey with us as we hurdler FEAR to overcome obstacles to reach our DREAMS……care to jump?

So ready to receive the tools to prepare you to launch over your hurdlers.  Whether it is through one on one coaching with me (shoot me an email), blog post, joining the email list, check out some freebies or being inspired through the podcast. 

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