Episode 27: Why Fit In When You Can Be YOURSELF? w/Victoria Mason, Founder of Black Bloggers United

In the premier of the #NotYourAverage series, we chat it up with microinfluencer and founder of Black Bloggers United, Victoria Mason.  Starting off as a blogger to show women how to shop on a budget soon transformed into a community of over 700 bloggers (…talk about a plot twist).  She will inspire you to create despite having all the answers.  And to always be yourself every step of the way!

Mentioned Resources:

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg


***The book that I struggled with thinking of the name is Originals by Adam Grant**

Connect with Victoria:

Twitter: @Shescandid


IG: blackbloggersunited

Twitter: @bbloggersunited



Episode 26: 5 Books To Lead You To Success

Did you know that 85% of Rich People read at least 2 or more educational books a month? Reading is a resource that is obviously connected to success. Because that is what we are striving for I have created a list of 5 books to aid you in the quest for success. Also, find out why I need to check myself into rehab (yeah my addiction is THAT bad).


Episode 25: Do The Challenging Task

What you accomplish in life boils down to one factor.  CHOICES!  It may seem complicated; I am here to provide you with one rule that can change your life if you follow. Listen to how I did the opposite and have been kicking myself in the behind ever since!



Episode 24: How to be fearless and make money with your brand w/Kyshira Moffett of HERmovement

“Feel the fear and launch it anyway.” Brand strategist and blogger, Kyshira Moffett has utilized this phrase to develop, not one, but THREE thriving brands ( The KSM Group, Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics and #HERmovement). After 4 years in the game, she blows our minds with resources to take your brand to the next level. In this episode, Kyshira dishes the secret sauce to build a brand that people want to spend money with (…and picks up a new bestie in the meantime).

In this episode, you will learn:
- The elements your brand is missing
- How to create profit when selling products
- How you can get featured in publications such as XONecole, Fast Company, and
- Breaking mental barriers to create brands
- Major keys to managing multiple brands
- Why Tamar Braxton’s “She Did That,” is her theme song

Mentioned Resources: 
- Buffer
- Only Pult
- Grum
- Apps Sumo
- HelpAReporterout.com
- Outlook
- R. J Pierce Legal Journal and Day Planner
- Asana

Book Suggestions
- Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

Connect with Kyshira


Episode 23: 3 Steps To Make Your Idea Happen

What does every multi-million-dollar business have in common? They all started as an idea! But what do you do when those genius ideas pop into your head? No problem. Follow these 3 steps and watch your ideas come to life!



Episode 22: How Queen Julia is creating a movement through self-awareness

Queen Julia, the Head Visionary of Queen U has always possessed a fire to motivate the masses.  While most kids struggle to give Easter speeches, at 12 Queen Julia was delivering keynote messages in front of THOUSANDS!

The journey hasn’t always been easy, especially breaking into unknown territory.  But now with events in 18 different cities, she shares with us the lessons learned along the way.   We talk about how to deal with resistance from others, why you need to fail big, along with a plethora of wisdom on how to get acquainted with self.

This is an episode that you DON’T want to miss.  Get your bag ready to catch all the gems that Queen Julia drops!

Mentioned Resources:

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire

Connect with Queen Julia:





Purchase your tickets to “Mind, Body, and Spirit: Part 1” on June 4th in Charlotte NC



Episode 21: 5 Ways to Become Efficient When Networking

Networking is like having to work on a project with a co-worker that irritates you. You don't really care for them but they must be tolerated to get the job done.  We may cringe at the thought of sending emails or carrying conversations with strangers.  But we can all agree on one thing. 


Listen as I share how ONE book turned me into an efficient networking machine.  Along with 5 networking tips that you can incorporate today that will take your career to the next level.