Episode 19: Investing 101...How to Invest Without Tons of Money

Curiosity killed the cat…

But in Dr.Eric Patrick’s case, it became the seed to a new business, The Black Market Exchange, LLC. While he is a pharmacist by trade; he began to look for ways to invest his money.  The more knowledge that he soaked in, the more he found himself dishing out gems to people about investing.  Which is a major void in the African-American community, but he added the piece that was missing teaching the subject through hip-hop; that is where he gained the nickname “Hip Hop Stock Doc.”

In this episode you will learn:

-          The importance of including automation within your business

-          The reason why everyone is not going to purchase your product

-          How to find what your customer wants; versus what you “think” they need

-          How to choose your first stocks to purchase

-          Understanding the risk connected to investing

-          The best apps to invest with

Resources Mentioned:



Stash Invest




Google Sheets

Ask by Ryan Levesque

Connect with Eric





Episode 18: How to Create your Own Opportunity through Branding w/Nadia Vanderhall

This week I talk with Brand Strategist, Nadia Vanderhall.  
On her birthday, she received an unexpected gift; that her job would be outsourced to India meaning she would be laid off.  While wondering, what would be next, Nadia packaged her experience in marketing and launched her brand consulting firm.  

In this episode, you will learn:
-    Why to #BeHumble in extreme circumstances
-    How to create opportunities where you are; even when it is not your idea job
-    Make your brand stand out in a crowded market
-    Effectively create and complete your to-do list

Mentioned Resources:
-    New York Times Morning Briefings
-    Drop Box
-    Evernote
-    Google Keep
-    BaseCamp

-    The Crush It Book by Gary Vaynerchuck
-    Tools of Titan by Tim Ferriss 

Connect with Nadia
Twitter: @NCVanderhall
Instagram: @NCVanderhall
www. nadiacvanderhall.com

Episode 17: What About Your Friends? w/Daphnie Glenn and Keiona Eady

This week we relax and have a little girl talk. Finding a crew to encourage you to continue the path of your dreams can be not only challenging but also frustrating. So for this episode, I link up with my girls Daphnie Glenn (Author Brown Boy Book) and Keiona Eady (host of New Geechee Podcast) to talk through:

- finding accountability partners

- making friends in a new city


-when it's time to cut someone off

Get your cup of coffee, pour your favorite glass of wine, and tune in!

Connect with Daphnie 

IG: @Miss_Glenn

IG: @BrownBoyBook


Brown Boy Book on Amazon

Connect with Keiona

IG: @NewGeechee

Twitter: @NewGeechee


New Geechee on SoundCloud


Episode 16: How to Achieve Big Dreams; Just Pray, Plan, and Hustle w/Lakia Robinson

As a kid growing up in a single-parent home and then becoming a first-generation college student; Lakia Robinson knew that she wanted to be more than a statistic. In 2008 she started Unwrapped International; to motivate at-risk students to maximize their opportunities. 

Though she continues to follow the path that God had for her life, it didn’t stop the naysayers from attempting to discourage her (major side-eye to them).  Now as an online entrepreneur, author, TV host, and speaker; Lakia shares with us major lessons such as why you should follow the God idea, where to find your purpose, and how to pray, plan, and HUSTLE.

Resources Mentioned:

30/30 App

Matilda by Roald Dahl


Connect with Lakia on Social Media:


Twitter @lakiainspires

Instagram @lakiainspires



Episode 15: Be Authentic and Consistent: Growing a Platform w/over 400k followers

While working in the cosmetic field; Kiara Hester saw people buying the same features that some of us are ashamed of.  It sparked an idea to create her business Natural Hair Loves, LLC; a brand which spreads a message to embrace your natural hair and self. 

Through her consistency and the ability to be authentic; her platform has grown to over 430k followers on IG!  It has only been over a year but Kiara has grasp many valuable lessons that have taken her business to the next level; including why you should be sensitive but always keep it G!

Connect with Kiara on social media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/naturalhairloves

Facebook: www.facebook.com/naturalhairloves



Episode 14: Quarter-Life Consciousness with Unrivaled Ent CEO, Rika Pesos

For the premier of Season 2, we chat it up with the CEO of Unrivaled Ent, Rika Pesos. As she evolved she found herself becoming aware of the social issues around her. Rika the MC then went from rockin’ crowds with party hits to what she refers to as ‘Activism through Art.’

Because of this new awareness, it birthed her recent project, a mini-documentary “Quarter-Life Consciousness.” The documentary sheds light on what it means to be Black in America, its influence on poetry and music; along confronting racism and educational equity.

Join us as Rika Pesos shares her GRIND!

Mentioned Resources:

- Apply Pay
- Genius Scan

Connect with Rika Pesos:
Twitter: @RikaPesos
Instagram: Instagram.com/RikaPesos
YouTube: Rika Pesos

You can view Quarter-Life Consciousness mini-documentary at www.unrivaledent.com/media


Episode 13: Separate to Elevate with Fashion Designer and Celebrity Stylist, Shatora Irby

For the season finale, we chat it up with Fashion Designer, and Celebrity Stylist; Shatora Irby. Growing up with fashion inspiration she no longer ran from her dream and decided to pursue it. Shatora then found herself thousands of miles from home in a new city, Los Angeles. She has since launched her clothing line Adrell, worked on several TV shows and Award Red Carpets, and with some of the hottest celebrities (Steve Harvey, Beyonce, and Taraji just to name a few).

But the ride hasn’t been all good.

In this episode, Shatora shares with us how to become acquaint in a new city, separating the real friends from the fake, how she fights to stay focused and the encouraging words that Queen Bey (Yes, BEYONCE) gave her at the Grammy’s!

Feel free to share with other #GirlBoss or a friend alone in a new city

How to connect with Shatora:
Instagram: @Shatora.adrell

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