Episode 15: Be Authentic and Consistent: Growing a Platform w/over 400k followers

While working in the cosmetic field; Kiara Hester saw people buying the same features that some of us are ashamed of.  It sparked an idea to create her business Natural Hair Loves, LLC; a brand which spreads a message to embrace your natural hair and self. 

Through her consistency and the ability to be authentic; her platform has grown to over 430k followers on IG!  It has only been over a year but Kiara has grasp many valuable lessons that have taken her business to the next level; including why you should be sensitive but always keep it G!

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/naturalhairloves

Facebook: www.facebook.com/naturalhairloves



Episode 14: Quarter-Life Consciousness with Unrivaled Ent CEO, Rika Pesos

For the premier of Season 2, we chat it up with the CEO of Unrivaled Ent, Rika Pesos. As she evolved she found herself becoming aware of the social issues around her. Rika the MC then went from rockin’ crowds with party hits to what she refers to as ‘Activism through Art.’

Because of this new awareness, it birthed her recent project, a mini-documentary “Quarter-Life Consciousness.” The documentary sheds light on what it means to be Black in America, its influence on poetry and music; along confronting racism and educational equity.

Join us as Rika Pesos shares her GRIND!

Mentioned Resources:

- Apply Pay
- Genius Scan

Connect with Rika Pesos:
Twitter: @RikaPesos
Instagram: Instagram.com/RikaPesos
YouTube: Rika Pesos

You can view Quarter-Life Consciousness mini-documentary at www.unrivaledent.com/media


Episode 13: Separate to Elevate with Fashion Designer and Celebrity Stylist, Shatora Irby

For the season finale, we chat it up with Fashion Designer, and Celebrity Stylist; Shatora Irby. Growing up with fashion inspiration she no longer ran from her dream and decided to pursue it. Shatora then found herself thousands of miles from home in a new city, Los Angeles. She has since launched her clothing line Adrell, worked on several TV shows and Award Red Carpets, and with some of the hottest celebrities (Steve Harvey, Beyonce, and Taraji just to name a few).

But the ride hasn’t been all good.

In this episode, Shatora shares with us how to become acquaint in a new city, separating the real friends from the fake, how she fights to stay focused and the encouraging words that Queen Bey (Yes, BEYONCE) gave her at the Grammy’s!

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How to connect with Shatora:
Instagram: @Shatora.adrell

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Episode 12: Being Frustrated, When The Dream Isn't On Your Time

The pressure to live up to our expectations can become overbearing.  We want to achieve them as quickly as we set them; which can cause more harm than motivation when it doesn’t happen overnight.  

This week I talk about my own struggle of falling into this unrealistic idea, that left me “feeling” like a failure.  Trust that you may not be the only one to experience it.  Listen as I share 3 points to assist you to navigate and come out on top!



Episode 11: Has God Ever Let You Fail? w/Business Coach Brittany Yates

This week’s guest is a business coach, author of The Fundamental Journey of Entrepreneurship Through Prayer, and founder of the non-profit Endless Dreams Foundation.  From a young age, Brittany knew that she wanted to start a business but no idea how to do it.  After becoming best friend with Google, her dreams became a reality; and now she assists others to walk in their purpose.  

In this episode, you’ll learn how to get over the fact that your family may not support you, how to up your prayer game, and live a life with no limitations.  In my Morning Message, I even share how you can shift your perspective of a sucky job. 
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How to connect with Brittany: 
Twitter: @imbrittanytiera
God’s Covenant with you by John Eckhardt


Episode 10: Success is NOT Final... w/Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Culture Change Agent, Greg E. Hill

This week, we chop it up with author, speaker, and host of The Minority Trailblazer Podcast, Greg E. Hill.  As a young kid, he didn’t have many role models outside of the church. But as he began to be exposed (you can make $25 an HOUR?) it expanded his views and the possibilities of what his future could look like.  As a result, he grew a burning desire to CHANGE THE CULTURE. 

In this episode, Greg will make you want to get up off your couch and chase your dreams like never before.  He also gives us an inside glimpse of what the imperfect side of what the grind looks like, and how being transparent allowed him to see that he wasn’t the only person with #TheStruggleFace.  Don’t postpone your blessings, your future is today! 

How to connect with Greg: 
IG: @GregEHill
Twitter: @GregEHill
LinkedIn: Gregory Hill
Facebook: Greg E Hill



Episode 9: Greatness awaits, but not for long; with author and motivational speaker Brian Thomas

This week we chat it up with author, motivational speaker, and founder of KIPNspire, Brian Thomas.  After speaking at an event for his employer, he was asked what his speaking fee was….light bulb moment; it fuel him to begin the journey to start his own business.

Brian drops gem after gem, not only about his entrepreneur grind, but tips on how to climb the corporate ladder.  Oh did I mention that Brian is also a plant manager, leading over 160 employees, and millions of dollars in budget (and a wife….and a young son…..now what excuses did you have?).  In this episode, you will learn why you need to stop playing around with your dream, the risk of running a race with weights on, and why you should NEVER wear Timberlands, an Oakland Raiders jersey, and a silver chain in 85-degree weather (especially to a career fair…ehhhh).  

Mentioned Resources:
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Attitude 101 by John C. Maxwell
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/KIPNS
Twitter: @STEMulusPkg
Instagram: @kipnspire