Episode 31: How to make a DRASTIC career change w/ Latesha Byrd of Byrd Career Consulting

Are you looking to switch careers and follow your passion but you have NO experience? Meet Latesha Byrd of Byrd Career Consulting.  After receiving two degrees in Accounting she decided that it wasn’t cutting it anymore, her heart was elsewhere.  But how would she be able to change professions and start a business when all her professional experience was somewhere else…

Listen as Latesha breaks down in the #NotYourAverage Series Finale…

-          The key factor to pursuing a new career

-          How being evicted pushed her

-          The biggest mistake that is keeping you from your dream job and how to overcome that obstacle

-          What would Latesha do if she was Molly (from Insecure)


Mentioned Resources:


Working While Black by Michelle T. Johnson

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Instagram: @Byrdconsults_

Twitter: @Byrdconsults



Episode 30: Moving The Culture Forward In Tech w/ Sherrell Dorsey of The Plug

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Tech writer, Sherrell Dorsey found herself in this position.  She knew there were people of color making major moves in the tech world but the media barely covered the news.  Sherrell then sprang into action and created “The Plug.”  Which is the ONLY newsletter to cover founders and innovators of color.

In the 3rd episode of the #NotYourAverage series.  Sherrell will provide you with questions you should ask yourself when starting a new venture.  How she channels her inner Auntie Maxine to “reclaiming her time.”  And how I met her childhood boo!

Mentioned Resources:

Wave Accounting

Google Docs


I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

The Innovation Blind Spot by Ross Baird (Launches September)


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Episode 29: The Cure For Creative Burnout w/ Encounter Camp Co-Founder, Kareem Taylor

The grind to success can be rewarding.  But it can also become life threatening.  Kareem Taylor found this out the hard way.  His consistent no days off mentality caused him to develop health issues.  

After a weekend in the wilderness he returned to his hustle refreshed and with the perfect idea.  Encounter Camp, a retreat for black creatives.  In this bonus episode grasp a new outlook on taking breaks, and how one question almost kept this episode from airing (hint: Team Issa or Team Lawrence)

Mentioned Resource: 
Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

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Instagram: @EncounterSoCal
Purchase tickets to Encounter Camp at EncounterCamp.com/register


Episode 28: Why You Should Always Be One Step Ahead w/ Comedic Host, Jay Dukes

For week 2 of the #NotYourAverage series, we chop it up with Comedic Host, The Repeat King himself, Jay Dukes.  Don’t get it twisted nothing is funny to him when it comes to business.  Early in his career he learned the importance of being versatile which has created numerous opportunities for Jay.  After years of sharing the stage with some of your favorite celebrities (K. Michelle, Lil’ Duval, SWV, and many more).  Jay Dukes shares why you should ALWAYS be a step ahead (…also why his mama called his work trash…geez).

Mentioned Resources:

Sign Now

Every Day a Friday by Joel Osteen


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Instagram: @JayDukes1911

Twitter: @JayDukes1911

Facebook: facebook.com/comedianjaydukes


Episode 27: Why Fit In When You Can Be YOURSELF? w/Victoria Mason, Founder of Black Bloggers United

In the premier of the #NotYourAverage series, we chat it up with microinfluencer and founder of Black Bloggers United, Victoria Mason.  Starting off as a blogger to show women how to shop on a budget soon transformed into a community of over 700 bloggers (…talk about a plot twist).  She will inspire you to create despite having all the answers.  And to always be yourself every step of the way!

Mentioned Resources:

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg


***The book that I struggled with thinking of the name is Originals by Adam Grant**

Connect with Victoria:

Twitter: @Shescandid


IG: blackbloggersunited

Twitter: @bbloggersunited



Episode 26: 5 Books To Lead You To Success

Did you know that 85% of Rich People read at least 2 or more educational books a month? Reading is a resource that is obviously connected to success. Because that is what we are striving for I have created a list of 5 books to aid you in the quest for success. Also, find out why I need to check myself into rehab (yeah my addiction is THAT bad).


Episode 25: Do The Challenging Task

What you accomplish in life boils down to one factor.  CHOICES!  It may seem complicated; I am here to provide you with one rule that can change your life if you follow. Listen to how I did the opposite and have been kicking myself in the behind ever since!