2016 Was Terrible, and 2017 Will Not Be Any Better

The end of the year is here and prophecies of how 2017 will be lit have already begun.  Preparing for the New Year is a wonderful thing however, January 1st, 2017 is not a genie in a bottle. As I look on social media, it seems that as if a lot of folks had a rough 2016.  Aside from death, which we can’t control; if you think the New Year will grant you a new life… YOU GOT LIFE F**KED UP! 

What’s the rush?

“I can NOT wait until 2017 comes!”

What does rushing into the future do? (…don’t worry I’ll wait).  If we express the same behaviors, same thoughts, same actions, same everything…expect to have the same 2016.  The New Year does not bring a gust of good luck and your life turns for the better. 


Instead of waiting until the clock hits 12, how can you ensure that your 2017 will be different?  First thing first, let’s take a picture of this year.  Why do you feel as though it shaped out this way? 

Were you still stuck at the same job?

Drama with the bestie?

More bills than money coming in?

Write it down.

As you create this list, you may see that your year was not as bad as you felt that it was.  It also gives a realistic view of what happened and not just what you perceived. 

There are many factors that create All-Start athletes; one of them is watching game film.  The athlete was a part of it as the game happened but looking at it in a different view allows them to notice things that they would otherwise overlook.  Reflecting on your year gives you another perspective on situations and circumstances that occurred. 


After acknowledging what REALLY went down in 2016, it gives you a great advantage as you dive into 2017; make the necessary adjustments.  Maybe you realized that you gave a lot of pointless energy and now that you are aware you can re position to be more productive.  Or things hit the fan at work, and you now know to begin networking for a new job.  It could be as simple as you loving yourself more instead of tearing yourself down.  Small adjustments have a possibility to create a huge impact in a positive way for 2017.

The new year brings a breath of new energy, and symbolic for new beginnings (..just count the amount of New Year, New Me post). But if you go about it the same way, expect to yield the same results (…and at the end of next year feeling that 2017 was terrible and you can’t wait until 2018).  

The ball is in your court, what will you do with it?