3 Effective ways to tackle your far-fetched dream

I got it!

The idea struck me as I was sitting at work. 

I was reminiscing about my trip to the amusement park, Carowinds with my brother Ju and his family.  My nephew, DJ who was ten at the time played me.  He wanted to ride the “big rides” instead of going to kiddy land with his mom and sister.  But the moment we were about to get on the first ride he punked out and said that he had to use the bathroom.

I thought to myself at my desk. THAT’S IT! We often get excited to chase after our dreams but the fear keeps us from getting on the ride.  That would make a DOPE book.

I had the idea, so I sat down to put pen to pad.  Then a magnitude of thoughts swirled in my mind…

Wow, you’re about to write a book…


and ENTIRE book! Hundreds of pages….

Girl not a blog post but a BOOK…you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. That’s a lot of writing. You have never written that much.  Do you even have 20 pages of stuff to talk about?

My dream has always been to publish a book; now I had the perfect topic to discuss. But, I didn’t believe that I was equipped with what I needed to bring my dream to life.  So instead, I stopped working on it and walked away.

You may feel that you will never have the money to start your dream business, that you are not qualified to be a speaker, or that you will never be the head of your department.   When you see where you are now, the dream seems so far fetch and it will never come true for you.  Now you feel discouraged and you don’t want to give it a try. But today you will stop running from your big dream and give it another shot.

1. Small steps

11 Chapters, 140+ pages.

That’s a lot.  And because I was use to only writing 1,300 max blog post the thought of 30,000 words scared me.  That’s huge.  And your dream may be huge.  You may have a vision to run an international company but right now you’re just a low level associate.  You want to start a blog with 10,000 viewers a day but right now you may have 10 visitors on a good day.  It can become disheartening to see where you are currently when you think of how big your dream is.  I will never be able to achieve THAT. 

And because you don’t believe that you are so far away from where you want to be you tend to give up.  Here’s a tip; believe big but start small.  When I thought of my book as 30,000 words I became overwhelmed with the task at hand.  However, when I thought of my book in terms of a chapter at a time it became manageable and I didn’t freak out when I sat down to write. 

How can you chop your big size dream into smaller chucks so that it doesn’t overwhelm you?


2. Past failures isn’t a present truth

I wasn’t the best student in elementary school.  Every year I only passed because I went to summer school.  While the rest of my class prepared for grammar/English; I picked up my notebook and headed to Ms.Byers, remedial grammar.  Thought I begin to excel in school starting in middle school, graduated with the highest GPA in my major in college, and received my Master’s; the failure of grammar from elementary rose when I sat down to write my book. 

The truth of it was that my past failure, had nothing to do with the present.  Just because it happened TO me didn’t mean it was WHO I was.  I was no longer that a remedial grammar student.  I had to remind myself that I am an educated two degree toting smart motha watch yo mouth.  What past failures have you been carrying as your identity? Remind yourself who you are now. 

3. Greater Purpose

As I shelved working on my book, it seems as if every person that wanted coaching dealt with the very thing my book was going to discuss.  To the point that I felt that someone had leaked my outline and was trolling me at this point.


I was looking at completing the book as something I wanted to do for me.  But God was showing me that the book was bigger than me; it was going to be created to help someone else to pursue their purpose.

What will people miss out on if you never pursue your dream? There is someone out there unintentionally waiting on your to take a step.  Someone will be inspired, motivated, changed, delivered, informed, from what you do.  The dream is bigger than yourself, you have a greater purpose.

Let me tell you, the moment I took in these points, I became a writing machine.  What took me 2 years to even get started to write, only took me a little over a month to complete.  And I’m proud to say that I’m no longer letting the magnitude of my dream lead me to quit but instead preparing to launch my first book “The Roller Coaster Effect: How to turn your fear into fuel and your passion into your purpose, and enjoy the ride of life,” VERY soon.  It’s time to restart your big dream. G