3 things to do when you don’t believe your In dreams

A couple months ago I had a conversation with a co-worker.  She shared with me that she wanted to seek other opportunities outside of the organization.  Being a connector, I was curious to see what her desired position was. Never know who I had in my circle that could help her out.  “I would love to be a Nurse, but that would NEVER happen.”




Big dreams. Limited vision.  My co-worker could create what life could be but her eyes didn’t allow her to see it.  If she allowed herself to, she would see that her dreams were in reach.

Do you find yourself developing dope concepts and ideas in your head? Only to follow it with “that will NEVER happen!” Does it seem that success is reserved for a limited few? What if I told you that it was possible.  Time to see your dreams with a new vision.

1. Reroute Limitations

Fact about Jasamine.  I am a VERY picky eater. If you want someone to try a dish out, I am NOT your girl.  That doesn’t stop people from asking me. 

Friend: “Jas, try this“

Me: "Nah, I’m good I don’t like it."

Friend: “Have you ever had it before?”

Me: "No."

Friend: “Well, how you know you don’t like it then?”

Me: My phone ringing, I think that is my Mama calling me (my mama is always calling me when I want to escape a conversation).

“I can’t”

You may have found out that you tell yourself that something can’t be done, even if you have never attempted it. Only to then start to believe that you REALLY can’t do it (scratches head).

Much like me and new foods there is no proof in this concept.  Just a story that you made up and now taking it as fact.  The harm in it is that you now have created imaginary barriers that prevent you from touching a dream that is within your reach. When you begin to speak of how your dream CAN’T be accomplish ask yourself “is this speculation grounded in truth?” And your answer will most likely be NO. Which means your limitations don’t exist.  Rethink, and give it a try.

2. Find an example

Our reality can turn our dreams into a nightmare.  Think about it.  How believable is it to open a boutique store when your bank account is in the negative? We all experience our own version of struggles.  However, there is someone out there winning with the same story line that is preventing you from moving forward.  Go on the internet and read success stories. 

We often see how people are thriving NOW and forget that they had a journey.  I am always inspired when I read autobiographies or listen to interviews.  Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, and of course Danielle Brooks (she is doing big things and from my small town of Simpsonville,SC). 

No matter how shitty it seems now, your situation is only temporary.  Their stories are proof that you too can overcome.

3.  Decide

Contrary to popular belief.  Everyone on this EARTH has a dream.  The difference comes from the decision to pursue it.  The issue isn’t from us telling our dreams NO.  It stems from staying in a state of indecisiveness. 



You feel good about yourself because you are not moving backwards.  However, it is like you are stuck in traffic, going nowhere.  When will you decide? Stop delaying and tell your dreams YES!   

God has a unique way of giving a preview of our purpose.  He gives us dreams, a glimpse of what we can achieve.  If you don’t have all that you need right now don’t fret.  God is so smooth that he has placed resources along the way.  He is just waiting on you to leave the starting line. 

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