3 Tips for side hustlers who hate their job

You are two seconds from your breaking point.  If your manager looks in your direction you may just flip and say F it all!  If it isn’t one thing, it’s another and at this point you are sick of it all. 

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The day is spent thinking “why can’t I just work for myself already!”  My side hustle needs to become my main hustle NOW.  But the reality of the situation is that your bills don’t care how you feel and your side hustle isn’t bringing in the cash flow to sustain you financially.

It is tough to be working towards your calling but still in a job that is nothing but a headache.  Bottom line…you HATE your job.  The situation may be terrible but there is a silver lining.  I know you’re thinking “GIRL, enough with the positivity, my manager is one of Satan’s demons; there is NO good in this situation.”  Trust me, I have been through the fire as well.  It wasn’t until I viewed the job I hated in another perspective that the flames of hell disappeared.  Here are some tips that I found that worked wonders!

1. Your first investor


Most of our ideas need it; websites, products, business cards, books, conferences, workshops, etc.  It seems as if we are always shelling out funds.  How do you purchase this stuff? The place you can't stand gives you a check every two weeks.

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Transformational coach, Lisa Nichols changed the way that I viewed this concept.  That job is your first investor.  As they pay you, you in return utilize that money to fund your idea.  The very place that you can’t stand is assisting you in building your future.  If you didn’t have it, the struggle would be real to fund your dreams.

2. What is this teaching me?

Isn’t it crazy that you experience tough times to show you a different aspect of yourself?  It exposes your strength, wisdom, intelligence, decision making skills, but also reveals your downfalls like your ego or jealousy.  God is intentional and I believe that he has you in this space for a reason.  Instead of asking God to get you out of there; ask him what is the lesson that he wants you to learn? You will be surprised at what God begins to reveal to you.  What you leave with in this season will be the very factor that can propel you in the next.  It isn’t by chance that you are in this situation, it is a piece of the puzzle to assist you in fulfilling your purpose!

3. Get Ready

I love homemade sweets.  It is the main reason I haven’t reached my #TeyananTaylorBodyGoals.

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When I am in SC my aunt always hooks me up with a pound cake.  While it is baking, I become impatient because I know it’s going to bustin’!

Me: “Auntie, it should be done now can we take it out?”

Aunt: “It’s not done, still has some more time…”

Me: “But it…”

My aunt doesn’t let me finish my sentence.

Aunt: “If you don’t get away from my oven, I said it is not done yet!”

By this time, I fear for my life, so I sit down until the cake is finished. 

When we aren’t pleased with our full-time job it increases our desire for the side hustle to pop off NOW! But just like the cake, we may not be ready just yet.  The ability to still be at our job allows us to continue to prepare our idea and build a foundation.  When opportunity then presents itself, we will be ready for it! This is a perfect time to learn, fail, and build without financial dependence on your side-hustle.

I know it can suck walking into a place that you hate while building an empire.  Give your job a new perspective to maximize your opportunity while there and continue to grind in side hustle until it is time to make your departure.  This is just a moment and not forever, your time is coming!

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