Just Take the Step: 3 ways to disempower fear

“Jas can you just do it for me?” 

This is a phrase that I would soon become annoyed with.  I was at my former part-time gig and my co-worker’s son decided to keep me company at the front desk.  He was entertaining and dramatic so we got along well.  It also helped the time go by.  As he was updating me on life as a high school student (which mostly involved, girls, girls, girls, and sports) I pulled out an apple.  While watching me eat, the hungry Gods hit his spirit. 

“Let me get one?”

Unfortunate for him it was the only one that I had.  However, I knew the plug.  The boxing coach had a lifetime supply of snacks in his office. 

Go ask Coach.  He got all the snacks.  He doesn’t mind, just gotta go ask him.

You would’ve thought I told him to go into an Iraq war zone by himself.  For the next two hours, I had to suffer through his “I’m sooo hungrrrypleas.  It was too late.  I had not an ounce of sympathy.  I already told him exactly what he needed to do.  All he had to do was go ask the coach for snacks and he would’ve been good to go.

Do we find ourselves in a similar annoying situation? We know what we desire.  But instead of pursuing we would rather play the “woe is me” role.  Feeling sorry for ourselves instead of acting towards the issue that we know the solution for. 

Why is it that we rather suffer than to take the step?

Let’s understand suffer in this context.  Would my co-worker’s son live if he didn’t find a snack to eat? Yes.  However, the quality of his life wasn’t at its peak because he felt as though something was missing. 

The job isn’t killing you but because you aren't pursuing the side project you feel as a piece is missing.  Life is “ok” without it but it could be PHENOMENAL.  It is the difference between making it through your day and experiencing the rush of adrenaline standing at the top of the mountain.

Finally, my co-worker son realized that I wasn’t going to go back there and get the snacks for him.  He walked to Coach’s office and asked him for snacks.  When he returned I thought he robbed a grocery store with all of the stuff he had in his hand.

I’m sarcastic and couldn’t help but to make a comment. “About time, you could’ve given my ear drums a rest if you would’ve did it two hours ago when I first told you.”

He responded.

“I thought Coach would tell me no. So I didn’t want to ask him”

Ladies and gentlemen, there it is!

Keeping you away from your best that life has to offer you isn’t just fear.  We already know that it is always going to be a part of the game.  It is when you draw a mental picture and amplify the fear in your head.  As a result, we give fear additional power to take over our actions.  What happens next? We start to believe that the fear is stronger than the rewards of taking the first steps to make your dreams happen. 

Now it is time to disempower fear so we can run into our destiny.

1. Change the conversation

The power of attraction is real.  Stay away from the negative talk of what “might” happen if you attempt it.  It is not grounded in the truth and is usually based on a story created by your fears.

2. Different Ending

Think about the positive outcomes that can come about if you DO take the step.  We spend time on the bad. When was the last time you considered what might go well?

3. Timeframe

Eliminate words such as: sooner or later, one day, in the future.  Place dates on taking various steps.  It allows you to become accountable to yourself.  When a date is associated you are likely to accomplish it.  Face it, “one day” never comes.

When following these steps, you are able to give your dream the power it deserves.  The fear ahead won’t seem as intimidating.  It will still be around but manageable to fight through it in order to take the necessary steps. 

Will you continue to suffer or take the step?