5 lessons that Beyoncé taught us in lemonade

So if someone could send the Ushers to my house to cover me with the cloth because ya girl is LAID OUT after watching Lemonade.  Did Beyoncé just give you your whole entire life with that visual or what? Chile…….. Days later and I am still picking up my edges off of the floor. 

The Beyhive and everyone else, patiently waiting in anticipation for a new album since the SuperBowl performance and since the announcement of the Formation Tour. Many of us have bought tickets to the concert (…me included) with the thoughts that we would be booty bouncin’ to Single Ladies once again….Bey where is this ALBUM girl! Then out of nowhere she drops a trailer for an HBO special for Lemonade. 

I don’t know about y’all but if you were anything like me; I thought I would need some Holy water to sprinkle on my TV from the preview or some voodoo curse would invade my apartment.  It was nothing that we could have imagined and nothing short of amazing; from the storytelling to the visual Beyoncé kept us engaged the entire hour, five minutes, and twenty-two seconds.  Through it all, we can learn a thing or two on how to sip lemonade every day…. 

Dare to be different

There is no doubt that Beyoncé is in a league of her own; seriously who else has the ability to do numbers on a tour without even dropping new music? Not only that but to premiere the visual album on a major paid network such as HBO; which continues to separate her from the pack.  In our jobs, businesses, or schools how many times have we followed the crowd and then surprised that we don’t stand out from the pack.  How can you challenge yourself to do something different that will take you to the next level? 

Use your influence

Influence [in-floo-uh ns]: noun; the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinion, etc., of others

Lemonade made us want to subscribe to HBO, make a 5th free trial to Tidal….and have you notice the comment section for anybody coming for Bey (the Beyhive plays NO games).  It all comes down to influence.  Many of us use ours in various ways and most of the time it does not have a positive effect; (…..to tear down other folks) generally because we feel as if our influence does not have a reach.  Whether you touch one person or millions, how can you channel your influence to put positivity back into the universe or better yet make a change within your community?

 One of my favorite parts about Lemonade was during the “Freedom” performance where mothers’ of sons who have been affected by police brutality was highlighted.  She used her influence to highlight an ongoing issue of police brutality.

 At school, work, church, or community, how can you use your influence to educate others on issues? Don’t complain when you can use what you have to be the change.

Be relatable

Lemonade takes us on a journey of a relationship and every aspect of it...

….. was cheated on

…….acted crazy

……..then got over it

………went back to him

………forgave him

……….. then took him back.

 Giiiiiiirla if she didn’t just swim all up in my Kool-Aid and know the flavor (so I’m the only one that has had a crazy moment or two….maybe three….four would be more accurate number…no judgement zone the Lord is still working on me).

Even at Beyoncé's stature she was still able to relate to us as women and we were able to see ourselves through her story. Several times in life when we hit a certain status we feel as we can no longer relate to those who are going through some of the issues we found a way out of.  You know like the VP who sticks their nose up at the young college graduate, instead of educating them condemns them like there is no tomorrow; even though they were once in their shoes.  How can you help someone through a situation that you have pulled through instead of screenshotting their Facebook post and talking about it in the group chat? Who can you share your testimony with to show that they can make it through it?

Embrace your blackness

Did you know that it’s haaaaaaaaaard out here for a pimp? Chillllllleee. Lemonade showed us to embrace our blackness.  In a world that wants us to look a certain way in order to fit the “status quo” it can be tough not to fall into the trap.  Lemonade represented every shade of melanin, it didn’t matter if you wear your hair weaved up or rock a fro; you saw yourself in this video.  When we see ourselves on these types of platforms it helps us to know that we are not alone and that it is OK…  Don’t allow the world to tell you who you are; EMBRACE who you are and tell the world to DEAL with it...

Take lemons and make lemonade

 Life doesn’t allow you to choose how things will play out, but will give you the cards and see how you will play them.  Times will get tough, people will do you wrong, money will get funny and your man will act like he ain’t got no sense. .. You can eat the lemons and make the struggle face (continue to make excuses, complain, struggle, complain…….and complain some more) or add some water and a little bit of sugar and create a refreshing drink (a change in your attitude, a different outlook, a will to change, and the courage to do it).  Life is all about choices and the choice is up to you!

Mrs. Tina made a post on IG about the Lemonade project “……offer something that would bring about healing and hope to the universe no matter what you’ve gone thru in life you can always come out on the other side.”  Continue to push through and transform your hurt into STRENGTH!  

Beyoncé continues to WOW us and raise the bar time and time again, and we all can have the same type of impact on those who we come in contact with daily. I know her tour is going to be THEE Bomb.com; and if you are still on the fence about attending make sure to read “5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Go See Beyonce” before you cop those tickets. 


What were some of the lessons you have learned from LEMONADE?