5 Reasons you shouldn’t go see Beyonce

This weekend was a big one and not just because of Super Bowl Sunday but out of nowhere Queen Bey dropped her new single and video for “Formation.”  As soon as the first post hit the internet everyone ran to Beyonce.com and the best gossip sites to take a look as this video.  Before you knew it social media sites were filled with memes of Red Lobster and celebrating your inner Country Bama roots.  After the Super Bowl performance the BeyHive were at the edge of their seat to find out her next move of attack…

 Was she going to release an album with no type of warning in the wee hours of the night….AGAIN? 

Just like that she made the announcement she was going on TOUR!

In a matter of two seconds, millions of people had already made the terrible decision to go.  Here are the reasons you need to stay at the house …..ABORT MISSION…..

1. You’re a follower

Just because everybody and their mama talking about the Formation Tour you hop on the internet and wait as the presale tickets go live.  You don’t even really like her but this gives you a chance to FLEX on the gram.  Literally, that is the only reason you decide to give blood and your right kidney in order to go.  Don’t go just because everybody else is going…..go because YOU want to go.

2. Priorities are all jack’d up

You haven’t put a dime in your savings account, deferred your student loans once AGAIN, and owe AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon so much money that even Jesus co-signing couldn’t get you another phone contract.  But you still plan to rob Peter in order to pay Paul to buy tickets to the concert (and surprised that your living check to check……..Really? *side eye*).  Take care of home first; you must make sacrifices now in order to live like Beyoncé later. 


                                                                                    3. You're broke

Your bank account is so negative you can’t even afford to pay ten cents for your thoughts (and barely a pot to piss in).  If you don’t have it, it is ok don’t hit Big Mama up for $100 to pay a “bill.”  Just take the L trust me it will hit YouTube soon enough and you can’t have front row seats for free 99. 

4. Don’t deserve to go

When you work hard it is good to make sacrifices to reward yourself for a job well done.  But you have been lazy as hell, barely doing enough to get by.  Ask yourself do I deserve it?

5.You haven’t spent a dime on your personal development

Granted Beyonce is one of the greatest performers on of our time but she has worked extremely hard for that right.  But unless you know her (in your head does not count) she isn’t going to assist you in getting a job or provide you with the resources to start a business.  Her business is to entertain she going to make sure she gets her coins but you rather give it to her instead of investing it in yourself (how backwards is that?).

If you see yourself in any of these log off of Ticketmaster and step away from the computer….NOW! (at the end of the day you’re a grown person and can do what you want to but a sista is just tryna help you out….mmmmkay).  This doesn’t just apply to try to see Queen Bey slay but also all the other stuff you really don’t need….that Michael Kors bag, and opening a line of credit to finance some 36 inch Brazilian weave; reevaluate some of the factors in your life and see what is REALLY important. 

As I debated on whether or not I was going I saw how much I donated to my HBCU, my tithing on Sunday, the balance within my three savings accounts, saw that all my bills were paid for the month, and you know what I have worked hard as hell these last couple of months…..So it looks like I’ll be in Atlanta in May getting my life! (What time is the BeyHive interest meeting?).  The message is simple as long as your house is in order it doesn’t matter WHAT you spend your money on, you took care of BUSINESS first now enjoy yourself.