A Guide to Break your Goals into Daily Actions

I’m greedy.

I like to eat, and I discover new places with GOOD food.  One day, I found a restaurant in the cut by the Charlotte Knights baseball stadium.  I saw on the menu they had a chicken sandwich with cinnamon pineapple.  Sounds interesting, so I ordered. 

Y’all when the sandwich came it was HUGE!

big sanwhich.gif

I didn’t know where to start.  Should I come from the side or cut it in half? For at least 10 minutes I was stuck on how I was going to eat this huge sandwich!

 Have you experienced the feeling?

Being excited about something that was big but no idea where to start?

You want to start the business, lose 20 pounds, or launch a non-profit in 2019 but you’re stuck; you don’t know what to do.

No worries, I have developed a system that will have you up and running with a to-do list today!

You ready?

  1. Develop Micro Goals

Go back to your college days.  Remember when your professor would assign a research paper the first day of class.  Think about the moment you started to work on it? My guess is that 90% of you said, the week or day before it was due.

When we have time, we tend to wait until it is time.  

When you set goals for 2019, you may lay back because you have an entire year to reach it.  Only to look up and it is November, you haven’t thought about starting the business plan; with only a month left in the year you roll it over to the following year.  Only for the same thing to happen.

That’s why developing micro goals are important.  They are smaller goals that you set every six weeks that lead to your yearly goal. 

How can you break your yearly goal into a micro goal?

2. What will I need?

What will it take to reach your micro goal? If your micro goal is to generate $1,800 in revenue, what will it take to reach that number? How many products will you need to sell? How many clients will you need? Begin to think of different ways to reach your micro goals. 

This would be a great time to brainstorm.  If you become stuff, don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends to gain ideas of how you can reach your micro goal.


3. Action List

How will you reach the number in the previous point?

If I need five clients to reach my $1,800 micro goal, what will I need to do to book those clients?

Let’s see.  I may send an email to my subscribers to let me know about my services.  I could add a services tab on my website, so people could book coaching sessions with ease.  I will also speak at an event that my target audience is attending to attract potential clients.  As you develop a list of actions to help you reach your number, chose three actions that you can do today to help move forward!

You will be amazed at what you can accomplish once you break your goal down.  You will gain momentum, develop confidence, and accomplish your 2019 goal in no time! If you would like a step by step guide, download your FREE “Fearlessly Create Your Vision Workbook!”  This is the year to take action, and this workbook will help you do just that!