Are You A Runaway Employee? The reason you are jumping from job to job

At first glance would you say that you are a runaway employee? (trick question, many of you already said no without even knowing what it mean).

If the phrase was in the dictionary it would be defined as an individual who goes from job to job only to find themselves in the same predicament.  The Urban Dictionary maybe say; someone who is in denial that their ish stank so instead of looking in the mirror to fix the problem they search for other opportunities only to find themselves in the same place a couple months later; rather run than deal with the real issue. 

The “unhappiness” that we experience in the work place is the result of something that was initiated on our part; as every action has an equal or greater reaction.  If you go to work with the “I’m just here so I don’t get fired” attitude day in and day out; don’t be surprised when passed up for a promotion. 

Of course someone will ask why you didn’t get it and our response “management doesn’t like me” (Oh really…..please tell me more *side eye*).  I guess management hasn’t liked you in the last five jobs, and the next job will probably be no different.  Why is it that the first reaction is to RUN? Is the grass really greener on the other side?  It usually isn’t.  So let’s take a look to see what is causing our grass not to grow.

Piss Poor Work Ethic

Everybody wants to be a boss but nobody wants to put in the work to be one.  It trips me out to hear a co-worker rant about how the boss is on their back knowing GOOD and well it’s like pulling teeth to get them to do their job (what is actually in the description).  But seriously, do you find that you are continuously looked over for additional projects or promotions, take a self-evaluation and ask yourself; am I giving 100% everyday? (and no I’m not talking about that ONE time that you actually did something but c-o-n-s-i-s-t-e-n-t-l-y).  If you can’t be trusted over few things how can you expect to be blessed with more?

30 second time out: If a close co-worker or friend comes to with complaints about why things are not going their way and express that they are in search for a new gig; and you KNOW they not holding their weight.  Be honest with them,  it’s not management but actually them.  Many times we enable those around us because we want to make them feel GOOD about themselves instead of making them BETTER (in a tactful way of course).

As the saying goes; be so good that they can’t ignore you.  People are watching even when you don't think they are.  Step your game up; a new job will not cure the piss poor performance disease but will only prolong the diagnosis.

The Agitator

Ever walk into the front door and hope that a certain somebody isn’t at work, or took PTO…..FOREVER.  They have gotten on your LAST nerves, and if they talk out the side of their neck ONE mo time you are going to put the PAWS on ‘em.  GIIIRLLLLLLL have I!!!

To be honest it really takes a lot to get under my skin because I don’t pay foolishness any attention, I just keep it moving that’s my personality and how I have always been.  Well that was until I crossed paths with an older woman at my job (I guess there is no age limit to be a Petty Betty). 

When she woke up in the morning I swear her first thought was “how can I piss Jas off today? ….hmmmmmmm.” And to be honest I was sick of it so I stayed to myself; but she continued to pick fights with me.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like my job but I just HAD to get away from her! Just before I put my shoes on to run to the next position something clicked. What if I go to another job with someone just like her, will I leave too? 

There will always be folks that will make you want to punch them in the face, that’s life nobody is perfect.  Our generation is so quick to run away or cut somebody off that we do not know how to live in harmony.  The key is communication, they might not even know what they said was out of line or taken in the wrong context.  Instead of bottling emotions inside, let them know that this treatment is not acceptable (people will treat you how you allow them to treat you). 

If this relationship is already hitting the ceiling take it to your manager to defuse the situation.  And can we PLEASE stop gossiping to our co-workers and friends about the situation, this does nothing but add fuel to the fire.  When I felt the urge to send that text message to a friend, I would mark a tally in my journal and redirect my thoughts to a positive moment.  Trust me it is HARD but after some repetition my tally marks went from 10, to 5, to 2, and after a while I stop getting the urge.  When conditioned to see the good in a situation, it will automatically push the negative thoughts to the side (and your friends will be happy because now they don’t have to hear you whine for hours). P.S we actually get along now, see what taking the initiative can do!

Sense of Entitlement

     The Runaway employee tend to bring childish characteristics into the work place. When situations do not go their way they look for the nearest exit. So what you did not get the promotion that you “thought” you deserved. If we are honest with ourselves and we did deserve the position; open the lines of communication, what was management looking for within the position? Did you meet those qualifications? Was this a good fit? What are areas that you can improve on if another opportunity present itself?

But in the Runaway Employee situation they haven’t reached a standard in the current position in order to feel entitled (refer back to piss poor performance). I have been in this position/with this company for X amount of years...the job should be mine! They rather sit around and expect new opportunities to be placed in their laps instead of turning on overdrive and going after it. In certain situations opportunities do not happen right away because we are not ready for it or it is a set up for something greater. Enjoy being in the moment and continue to work hard for the future.

Have you found yourself continuously completing job application after job application as a result of yet another comment from your boss? Or no matter what job you find yourself the SAME problems arise that cause you to move on to the next? Well my friend you may just a Runaway Employee.  It’s OK to have flaws or not want to deal with certain situations but it is not acceptable to continue to turn a blind eye to them.  Accept your part, use it as a learning opportunity, and be open to the idea of growth. 

Just like that your running days will be over!