Are you willing to sacrifice good for GREAT?

“For better to come, good must stand aside” –Carl Jung

It was a Friday afternoon (the day that every Corporate America adult, that doesn’t care much for their job dreams about); and I was stuck in a room on a conference call with top management.  Our leader spoke on major organizational changes, as well as some additional positions that would be added within the department.  As he discussed these positions, I felt as if every eye glanced my way; I thought I was just trippin’ but it was then followed up with the point and head nod..

My attention span was pretty much shot; it was Friday and Netflix was streaming the new season of Orange is the New Black.  Off in lala land, I started to think about these positions.  To be honest I had a HUGE chance to secure at least one of them (I mean that in the humblest way, a sista knows her stuff).  If I went for it, there would be a pay raise (and y’all know I just quit my part time job….yes email folks the day finally came), and it would come with a title change.  This position would give me a little status to back up all the work that I was putting in; but there was one major problem… has NOTHING to do with what I wanted to do ( ps. Like most organizations you have to stay within that position for a year before posting out). 

That didn’t stop my co-workers from bombarding me with questions and statements for the rest of the day; “Are you going to apply for it?....You know it’s already yours right?.....Why aren’t you applying for the position?”

My response “Why should I?”

How many of us have become distracted from our destiny because we are too busy chasing the carrot dangling in front of us? (carrot = money, status, the perks, location…..). Though it “can” be good for the moment, does it have the potential to nurture lasting fruit?


Distractions have been kickin’ us off course since the beginning of time.  Satan used the apple as a distraction, which caused Eve to divert from God’s game plan and become disobedient.  They are meant to throw us off course, and not achieve what we set out to do.  Often times we know what distracts us, you know the usual social media and ratchet tv on VH1; but what about some other avenues that are not so obvious?

A boo that just want relations and not a relationship……

A new car; when you are attempting to climb out of a monsoon of debt….

Of course a new job that you have no interest, but since it’s new you begin to consider it……

They will shift your focus, time, and energy from what it should be, into purposelessness.  When it doesn’t come in a form that we are used to, it becomes so much easier to fall into these traps.

On path or in circles

I’m not a pet lover, but I do enjoy playing with other folks dogs.  (Like other folks babies, I don’t have to spend a dime on them, and I can give them back to their parents at the end of the day).  I take their bone, raise it high enough so that they can’t reach it, and continue to draw circles.  The dog in returns, becomes a big spinning machine going around and around trying to gain access to something that they will never reach; then wonder why they are so dizzy…

We are A LOT like pets….

We leave our previous job for a new one that pays .50 cents more an hour, which is just like the job that we had before (……and we hated)… only to continue the same cycle for our entire career…

Are you chasing your destiny (making some ground) or just getting dizzy?

Time to settle

You have been waiting; months have turned into years, and it is hard to tell glitter from gold.  We can become impatient and restless that we force glitter to resemble 24k gold.  We talk ourselves into believing that it is the sign that we have been looking for, instead of waiting for what was meant for us, jumping at every and anything because we are tired of sitting. 

Sometimes we jump TOO soon and miss out on the blessing that was meant for us. 

As a good friend of mine Mrs. Sandra, tells me all the time “remember to always keep the end in sight….” Will you sacrifice good in order to achieve GREAT?

As we travel to our destiny, it will be a journey indeed to get there.  A journey that will knock us off course; to the point where we lose sight of where the road is.  Is it that life has knocked us off, or did we cause these detours?  Why take the carrot, when a whole meal is waiting on you? (A spicy chicken sandwich, add bacon, three bbq sauces, with waffle fries and a large lemonade with light ice from Chick fi la….now that is a meal worth waiting for!


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