When it feels wrong, you're on track!

As I the days came closer and closer until the launch date of this blog, I began to experience fear once again.  I mean, I had already overcome the initial fear of beginning, but right in the moment there was just a random wave of fear all over again.  

This time, it was different!

Do you remember going to a haunted house? The first boogie man jumps out; you don't know if you should keep running to the end, or turn around and head back to your car.  

This fear seems to become a little more intense than the time before; I guess that you didn't give in the first time it makes sure to finish the job.  It sends a couple little men to live in your head and tell you lies.  

"You know you're not qualified right,"

"You don't even know what you doing"

"This is way too much work, just chill out"  

Sound familiar?  

If you are experiencing this it only means that you are on the right track! (Why else would it attempt to keep you from it?) So instead of running away; embrace it, see the light and know that your breakthrough coming! Just a moment in my mind......

What is fear telling you to do today? Feel free to drop it in the comments!