Everybody Wanna Go Viral: Adjusting your expectations of success

Going viral has become a culture in itself.  It seems to be the goal of most people on social media. If they can only do something crazy so that The Shade Room or BallerAlert will repost…I can take off.  Millions of shares.  Celebrities reposting. The goal isn’t to be successful…but to be seen.

Instant success has become the new American Dream.  Bump the white picket fence, I want to get millions of followers overnight.  Put in work for a good week and then I will be rubbing elbows with the big wigs.



This new view of success doesn’t stop at social media post.  It has infected our minds.  All that we want to achieve in life must happen *snap* like that.  Quick, fast, and in a hurry.  If I start a blog, it’s a must to have at least a 100 thousand viewers by the end of the week.  If not, then well I will to point fingers at all of my friends who are not sharing my content…I’m supposed to be poppin’ right now! At work they don’t appreciate me.  I have been an employee for 5 minutes and they haven’t promoted me to senior leadership.  They tripping! Let me go look for a new job.

I know you may feel that I exaggerated with those example, but honestly that is how some of us sound.  This culture of going “viral” has conditioned us that success happens overnight.  But let me be the one to bust your bubble...



Let’s look at it this way (get ready to take out your calculator).  If you visit any High School during the fall months you will come across tons of kids chasing their hoop dreams.  Ask any one of them what they want to be when they grow up, 90% of them will say, Lebron James, Stephan Curry, Kevin Durant, ultimately play in the NBA.  Now in 2014, there were about 545,844 high school players in America.  Out of that number 17,500 of them continued on this quest to secure a position on a College team.  However out of all of them that make it to the college level, only 48 are drafted to be in the league.  Do the math, that means only .3% of high school players make it to play in the NBA!


(thanks Hoopsvibe.com for the statistics, because I would’ve struggled with it).

Back to my point.  A couple folks will go viral, but you my friend probably won’t.  To curb the disappointment and frustration because you didn’t get your way after a week.  It is time to adjust your expectations. And realize what is really included in this glamour of success that you chase.

You can’t skip the hustle.  Hard work is enviable no matter how you flip it or shake it.  You must roll up your sleeves to see results.  And I’m not talking about working hard for a month then quitting.  But doing what needs to be done when it appears there are no fruits from your labor.  Our big moment happens when we least expect it.  You never know when it will come.  You never know who has been watching you in the corner quietly.  Even when it seems pointless, don’t give up, don’t give in…TURN IT UP A NOTCH! There are no cheat codes to skip the hustle.  It comes with the territory. 

I want you to read the biography of someone that you admire.  You will just see how many years that it took them to reach the heights in which they are now.  Take Kevin Hart for example (erase that he cheated on his wife for a minute…stay focus ight).  When he decided to do stand-up comedy, he would sometimes take the bus from to New York from Philly everynight while working his job at a sneaker store during the day.  Day in and day out doing stand-up at any club that would take him. It would be YEARS before his big break. Most of the time he wasn’t getting paid anything. 



Let me say it again for the people in the back...

The process to achieving your dreams will not always be attached with a check.  There are some things in life that you will have to work hella hard for and not get paid one red cent. If you continue to put in the work, the harvest will be bigger than you ever could imagine. 

So give up the imagine that achievement and celebrity status will come tomorrow.  Give it time. But in the meantime work like HELL to make it reality!