How I went from a Girl to a Woman in one year: 25 things I learned at 25

As some of you may be aware, a national holiday that just passed us on September 21st called J-Day (also referred to as my birthday).  I take this time every year to reflect on all that happened in the previous 364 days.  Every year has a reoccurring pattern, or we shall call them themes; 24 was the year of realization, but 25 was indeed a year of evolution

The transformation began, the blinders were off and I began to see life in a totally different light.  Its one thing to know that you are changing, but when those close to you see you go from the "turn up girl" to the "intuitive woman" it all begins to really sink in. A major change was happening and......... I was diggin' it.  

The moment you fall in love with the person that you are becoming, tied in with the person that you are meant to be is an overwhelming satisfying feeling.  Crazy right? For the first time in life I felt like I grew up from a girl into a woman. Many lessons were taught and I must say I was finally open to learn them. 

Settling is NOT an option
This year I woke up and decided that enough with selling myself short; especially in relationships or should I say “situationships”; and career choices. I deserve it; stop selling myself short, I can have the whole pie and not just a piece of it.

Be more proactive rather than reactive about health
Controllable diseases run in my family……I DON’T have to be next, stop it before it begins. 

Be the change I want to see
Don’t complain about a problem, create a solution or SHUT UP.

Say NO and don’t feel bad about it
Or should I say “say no and don’t follow up with a 5 page thesis of why I can’t do something.”   

Try new things
Open the horizon and stop thinking inside of the box. Experiencing and trying new things brings new results and thoughts. Who would have thought that I would began to learn how to play golf or even build a coffee table! It has been awesome to channel this creative energy when in the process of learning a new task.  Look at my Crate Table I made from Pinterest!

Admit when I'm wrong
Gives a sense of fresh air rather than trying to develop stories of how it really wasn't my fault but accepting my hand in the situation.  Why lie, just be real about it. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes use it as an opportunity to learn and grow rather than feeling defeated.

Forgive and let GO, end of story. 

Trust my gut feeling
It has never lead me astray, and actually to some pretty amazing places so remember to follow it.

Live in the moment
Disconnect from phone and social media (I am now infamous for going on social media fast) and be present, pay attention to the things that are going on around me. I have become amazed at the things that I have noticed that have ALWAYS been there.

Do things from the heart
I learned to stop keeping score in my mind, doing things because I love to and not because I feel obligated. It has brought a whole new joy over my life.

Fuel my faith and put it to action
Arm myself with the word of God, it’s one thing to say it but putting it into action is where God began to show up and show out in my life.

Don’t be scared to ask, some people are more than willing to help
No never exists if you never ask, send that email, ask for that lunch, never know how they will be ready to assist you and provide the needed resources. 

Change is good!
Went to the hairdresser told her to cut all my hair off, been on the rise ever since. 

Save, Save, Save!
For a rainy day or as Myleik Teele would say that “F**k You Money” (not becoming restraint in a situation because of  $$).  Having a couple dollars in the bank has given me the power to speak up and the ability to help.

Eating healthy CAN taste good
Pinterest has become my best friend, and I have become a little chef on the low low.

Treat yourself sometimes
I work too hard not to....

Make more time for my loved ones
Send the text to little cuzo, make the phone call to auntie, life is too short not to cherish the ones around me. It's the simple things in life.

Stop gossiping and stop allowing people to gossip to you

Nothing nice to say? Say nothing at all. Negative talk gets me nowhere, be careful who I surround myself with, my destiny depends on it. The day becomes different when it is surrounded by positivity.

Read more, it may actually change your life
Incorporate it within life, read with a desire to learn more.

Chose happiness every time!
I learned to do things that bring happiness into my life.  Nothing else has a place.

Keep the smart comments

Some things are better left unsaid.  Just because it comes to my head does not mean that it deserves to come out of my mouth (pointless arguments went from hunnid to zero reeeeallll quick).

Just because it comes on TV doesn’t mean I have to watch it
Make a better use of my time.  TV is not going to be the fuel for my success

Be intentional about dating
Stop wasting time when I KNOW (and ladies we knooowww when we know when we know what it is) it’s not going anywhere.

Learn more about finances
How can I make more money if I don’t know how to manage what I have?

Don’t let the naysayers discourage you
I learned to stop letting one person’s opinion stop me from living out my dreams!

25 was amazing and I’m a little sad to see it go.  But on to the next, excited and can’t wait to anticipate what 26 will bring and how God will continue to use me! Another year older, another year wiser.