Why your pit stop has a purpose

Back in my college years, I enjoyed nothing more than to hop in the car, and hit the road.  It didn’t matter where we were going, as long as I didn’t have to drive…I was always DOWN. “Jas you want to g.....” They would barely finish the sentence before I jumped up and said YEP, all I needed to know was the time we would be pulling out (no need to ask ten million questions, who all coming? Where we going? Who going to be there? What we going to be doing?….might as well stay at home instead of administrating a questionnaire). 

I always loved these trips because of the people I would meet, new experiences and of course my crew had to show'em how we partied in Charlotte.  But in order to have the time of my life there was a journey involved, and it always included pit stops. Somebody always had to use the potty (......usually me), we HAD to stop when we saw cheap gas, and of course a food stop was always necessary, and then back on the road we went.  Why? Because our pit stop wasn’t meant to stay all day but for a purpose (and I already told y’all I was tryna get there so I could turn up). 

So why is it that we stay at the job that we hate, won’t dump the no good boyfriend, or continue to stay in that wack city instead of moving where there is opportunity for us?  Baby girl do NOT confuse your PIT STOP for being the FINAL destination.  It’s not the end but merely just a short stop within life.

Kick the settle mentality

If you know nothing else by now, you know that I LOVE Chick fi La, but every once in a while I will cheat and slip over to Zaxby’s.  In all of my years dinning there, I have literally ordered the same thing EVERY SINGLE TIME (my ma doesn’t bother to ask me what I want, but if I want my usual?...... Yea it’s that bad) the chicken finger plate, no cole slaw extra fries, with teriyaki sauce instead of Zax sauce. 

I mean people tell me all the time how great their salads are and I should really try the white cheddar bites, but uhhhhhh thanks for the suggestion but I’ll pass.  It could be the best thing since slice bread but what if I order it and it is nasty? I would definitely feel some type of way.  So therefore I settle rather than to experience something new. 

We would rather convince ourselves that we don’t deserve more and to be content with being miserable just because we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone. 

Sweetheart NEVER settle for less, you deserve more, never let anyone (or YOURSELF) tell you otherwise.  And I mean this for every aspect of life, career, love relationships, friendships, even your weave (giiiiiiiiirl you deserve that Brazilian wavy 30 inch).

DANGER! Staying too long

So what happens when we confuse the pit stop for the final destination? That’s when a visitor stops by to take over our minds, and his name is Discouragement (aka D Money).  He will roll in to town to make sure that you not only stay where you are but D Money ensures that you discount everything that you are confident in.  Maybe I’m not that smart?  This idea is dumb nobody will ever buy it. Everyone is already doing it, so why should I?  He has one job and one job only and that is to seek and destroy. 

The transformation begins of you becoming the old man chillin’ outside the corner store.  He shows up daily with no hope or direction, it becomes a routine that he can’t shake.  Then God has to make drastic change in our lives to shake us up and understand that we have to keep moving to where we are supposed to be headed.  Ever been fired for no reason, or a part of a huge layoff that NOBODY saw coming……Hmmmmmmmm I wonder why (is it time to wake up?).

Maximize your opportunities

One thing that I have worked on over the years is my PATIENCE. If you are going to go in a store; go in and come OUT, don’t be in there taking all day (One reason I NEVER go to the mall with my friends...).  My roadtrippin’ buddies would never come out in a timely fashion; in the store making life decisions on what snacks to get, or wrappin up the cashier trying to learn how to play the PowerBall. 

So you can already imagine the steam coming from my ears.  If y’all don’t come on! After sending text messages with every angry emoji possible, and blowing the horn, nothing would ever speed this process up (actually with every blow I think it added an extra 10 mins…can you say Petty Labelle?).  After I finally opened my eyes to see that my methods were not effective, I might as well go in and see what they were doing.  So now instead of busting my forehead vein in frustration, I go in and enjoy the fun; talking it up with the locals, joking around with each other and seeing what we could get free out of the clerk. 

While at that job that you absolutely hate, how can use that time; instead of complaining but improving.  Does your company fund memberships to professional organizations or conferences that interest you? Is there a new skill that could be developed? How are you networking?

I know that within my pit stop, I was able to create a fitness newsletter to send out to the entire department.  I was not only able to assist my co-workers with health related issues, but it also allowed me to enhance my writing abilities, and develop a writing style.  Even though the situation was not idea, I was really excited about completing those projects!  Make the best of your time, don’t allow your pit stop to be a waste.  You never know how it will be able to assist you down the road. 

Roll out

After the car was gassed up, all bladders were empty, and bags were filled with snacks; we would get in the car and prepare to roll out. The front seat navigator would pull the GPS out to determine if the original route is still the best one to take, or if we need an alternative that would get us there faster.  

Life never happens as we expect it to (never in a million years I would think of being a writer) but with every change we must be able to adapt.  Something greater for us may be waiting down the street. But you will never know until you pull out of the gas station……

If you are not where you want to be in life…..it is OK and honestly perfectly normal (folks have a habit of putting up a front as if everything in their life is perfect….child bye).  But don't become content with making it a permanent situation.  Use your pit stop for what it is for…..to PREPARE and DEVELOP you for to where your destination will take you.