3 Ways to React When People Show Support

Negative people….

……..Snakes in the grass, the haters, and can’t forget about the doubters…

I talk a lot about these people, but we have yet to touch on the “Ride or Dies.” The people who are in your corner, cheering every step, and motivating when you get knocked out; there is no doubt that they have your back. 

Although they play a HUGE part within our progress, we at times forget about these people.  But let me not get ahead of myself, I’ll get back to that.

First, I must say that I have an AMAZE BALLS crew.  They not only support all that I have ever done, but also believe in my dream just as much as I do.  Just the other day I was talking to my brother about a piece of equipment that I needed for a project that I am working on (btw, I can’t wait to release a couple things that I’ve been working on in the next couple of weeks).  Much like myself, my bro can always find a hook up for the low low; and you already know I’m a penny pincher, so I needed his expertise.  He hits me up a couple days later to inform me that he had already bought it for me.

He didn’t have to but he gets my vision and backs it in any way that he can. 

It is always important to have some folks that support you.  The motivation alone can pull you out of the pit when you begin to doubt yourself.  Here are a couple ways to react when people show you love (and take some tips if you feel that you are in this alone….). 


We can view support from our inner circle as an obligation versus a choice.  Let’s look at it this way.  A nice gentleman holds the door open for us; some women won’t even say thank you, because they feel as if that is what he is supposed to do.  After several times of no acknowledgement, he may let that door smack you in the face, because you did not appreciate the gesture.  

The same goes for our inner circle.  They show us love, not because they HAVE to but because they WANT to.  Notice the shift after the lack of acknowledgement; they will start to feel taken advantage of.  What does all of that mean?

It means that they not gonna do it anymore! 

Then you will be throwing pity parties about how no one congratulated you once you land the new job, or release the new book…

When showing appreciation, remember that a little goes a long way.  Depending on how your bank account may be set up; sending them flowers or treating your bestie to a five course meal at a steak house may not be in the budget; but don’t underestimate the power of a sincere THANK YOU!

Let them know what their contributions mean to you.  And you can purchase that for only FREE.99!

Focused on the right person

Back to my rant from the intro…..

So follow me on this.  You start something new, a business, blog, get the job, selling something….whatever it may be.  In your head there are about 5 people that you look to hear from.  This list usually contains a couple of your besties, maybe a boo (or a sidepiece), and maybe the work homie. 

As the text messages and mentions on Facebook begin to roll in, you mentally begin to check off on a mental attendance sheet.


Ray Ray…..Check

Jenny….. Check



Wait a minute…. So Tasha just not going to hit me up about this? 

For the next three weeks you complain to Kesha about how Tasha hasn’t said a word.  You are so turnt up that you have miss out on ALL the people who have been showing you love. 

I must admit that I have been on both sides of the coin.  When you are the person who has been there, it’s like….

Shift the focus to those who do have your back, and bump who doesn’t (……they may be dealing with their own insecurities, that is why they can’t show you no love…..).

Pass the love back

The most important factor that our selfish behinds tend to forget is to……..GIVE SUPPORT BACK!  When those who have been showing love start up a new venture; be there for them.  Don’t catch amnesia all of the sudden. One sided relationships rarely last. 

Be willing to feed back what you desire to receive. - Click to Tweet

Because y’all have been rocking with me for almost a year now (can you believe in a couple months The Fear Hurdler will be a year old! Wowers); I want to show some love.  THANK you from the bottom of my heart for every post view, like, share, comment, even telling your worrisome co-worker about the site so they can get their life together; trust that it does not go unnoticed! The Fear Hurdler would be nothing without you! Thanks for taking this ride with me and allowing my stories to touch and change your life.  This is only the beginning……

If you’re working on a new project, product, or just want to give a praise report; feel free to drop it in the comment section!  We would LOVE to support you as well!