It's Time to Throw the Red Shoe #FearHasNoPower

“Sick and tired of being sick and tired” famously quoted by Fannie Lou Hamer; but I feel that, female rapper Cardi B whispered it to herself before she rolled up on Nicki Minaj. 

Desperate situation calls for drastic measures, well maybe not throwing a red heel at a chick during New York Fashion Week.  But sometimes you just get FED UP!

If you haven’t heard by now, Cardi B and Nicki have had beef over the past year.  But as Cardi states in her Instagram press release; she has let Nicki talk about her, stop her from getting money, but when it comes to talking about her child, that’s a no go.

Well let’s just say when Cardi confronted Nicki she didn’t own up to her words, and as one comment on Instagram states “turned into wallpaper when Cardi stepped to her.”

The time and place may not have been the best but every once in a while you have to show folks that you not the one to play with.


And there is someone in your life that has been running their mouth, talking junk, telling you how unworthy you are, and punking you like a bully.  You desire so much, however their presence is intimidating and you would rather turn your head and act like you don’t want it.  That way you can avoid them at all cost.

This bully is fear.

Everything that you want is connected to defeating this bully.  Instead of taking control, fear flaunts it’s power.  It controls you! You do what it says and ignore what your heart desires.

Just like Nicki, the bully with a lot of mouth, when confronted all the sudden fear gets quiet and hides behind their security. 



What would happen if you turned up on fear one good time and showed it that you not the one to play with?

If you finally stood up to fear, what would you be able to achieve?

That’s what the #FearHasNoPower movement comes into play. 

This movement was created to assist you in pursing an reoccurring dream that fear has prevented you in pursuing.  Watch this video to see how you can get involved. Your dream is on the other side of fear, let’s go get it!