Keep Your Group Chat From Being Trash

I pick up my phone to see 200+ unread text messages.  Let me find out that I’m lit.  But my ego is quickly diminished as I see that it is from the group chat.  With the growth of Imessage, group messages are at an all-time high.  It makes partaking in foolery convenient.  No need of screenshot a picture on Instagram and send the same message to everybody in your crew to talk shit.  Now you can just do it once and throw shade (I mean discuss) together. 



It will also distract you.  9.9 out of 10, the conversations will sidetrack you from the work that you should be getting done.  The debate on if Khole should stay with Tristan is too juicy to miss out on.  And you have to add your opinion about the hypothetical dream wedding that you friend is planning right now in her head. 

So, how can you maximize your benefit of being in a group chat and keep it from being trash?

Be Selective

When you look at your phone and a group of numbers turns into a name.  You have just been added to a group chat.  Now some group chats are to disperse information at once like an upcoming trip.  Or it could be to inspire one another.  But there are other groups that were developed for the sole purpose of being messy.  And in that case, here is how you know to stay or leave.  If most of the conversation is intended to break down others then it’s time to go or place the group on mute. 

You may see it as harmless conversation, but negativity is easily rooted.  Have you been around someone who is complaining and talking about others a work.  Then your day goes to hell? And let's not forget that karma is real.  What you put out into the world is what comes back to you.  It always trips me out when someone who consistently talking about others are surprised when they name is in everyone’s mouth. Ohhhhh really huh? 


Ask Questions

Our ideas can use an alternative perspective.  The group chat is the perfect place for it. The group chat is a great place to bounce ideas to make your ideas better.  Remember my DNA shirts? The first draft of the design was A HOT MESS.  But I threw it in the group chat, and together we continued to hash out the details until it became the dope design that we see today!  Remember you are not seeking approval or validation but the ability to see through someone else’s eyes to make your thought, idea, or product better.

Share beneficial Information

“Hey girls, check out this event, Y’all tryna go?” 

“Listen to this podcast when you get a chance…”

*post quote* “now ain’t this a word!” 

There is so much information in the world today.  So much chatter that we can easily overlook information that can benefit us.  When you come across articles, videos, or podcast that your group chat could benefit from…share it.  You never know how that piece can transform their day but also fuel their future!

The group chat is just like the power of the tongue; you can use it for good or evil.  That time could be utilized to tear others down or hype each other up.  In what ways have your group chat assisted you? Drop it in the comments!