Let Me Guess 2019 Is Going To Be Your Year Too, Huh...

It’s the beginning of December. Which means that 2019 will be here next week. Once we complete all of the Christmas shopping it is time to mentally prepare for 2019. I’m already seeing how everyone is claiming the New Year as THEIR YEAR. Mostly from people who said that 2018 was going to be the year (but that ain’t none of my business though).

I can’t front, I was one of those people. I entered 2018 with high expectations of what I was going to achieve. It would be the year that I was going to quit my full time job. I would be traveling every week to a new speaking engagement. And The Fear Hurdler would be a household name. At the top of the year if you remember I re branded with a new logo, website and was ready to take over the world.

By August, none of the things that I thought would come to life did. Instead, I was confused on the content that I wanted to post, no idea of what my signature talks would be, a sub-par launch of the #FearHasNoPower Movement, and only making a couple dollars here and there in regards to revenue from t-shirt sells. 2018 wasn’t looking good for ya girl at all.

One day as I was listening to Kristy Wright’s Business Boutique podcast, she posed a question. What do you want to be known for? What will you be doing in the next five years? As I thought about it. I didn’t really know. I knew that I wanted it to involve fear, and people using the purpose that God had given them but that was just about it. That was the moment I realize that I didn’t really have a vision.


Because I didn’t have a vision, it was always a struggle to figure out what I wanted to do next. I was creating content because I knew that I needed to but with little purpose and intention. So I sat and pondered on that question. What did I want to be known for? After a week the words came to me. I wanted to help people push through fear to do what it was that they loved!

Once I was able to see my vision I was able to create a plan of what I wanted to launch, and how I wanted to position myself as a speaker. And weeks later I began to book speaking engagements just like that. All because I had a vision.

That’s not all…

Weeks before Thanksgiving, I received word that our department would be laid off. Of course, I prayed to God about what I should do next. What kinda of job should I apply to. But that’s when God directed me to do the things that I loved. I knew he meant to pursue The Fear Hurdler full time. If this was the beginning of 2018 I would’ve freaked out because I had no idea of how it would work out. Because I now had a vision, it gave me hope. A hope to know that I would be okay because I now knew what I wanted to do.

I share this today because as we approach 2019, I want you to take the time to put together a vision of what you want your year to be. Too often we leave our year by chance, but now I want you to enter it with intention.

Ask yourself these questions:

Where do I see myself in the next five years?

What do I want to be known for?

How do I want to impact someone else’s life?

If I won the lottery today, what would I do?

These questions will get you started in creating your own vision. Let’s not leave 2019 by chance but enter it with a new mindset and A LOT of intention.

If you are in the Charlotte, NC area, join me as I host the “Fearlessly Create Your Vision” Vision Board Party. Here you will not only create your vision, but develop goals and a action plan to make 2019 your best yet! Purchase your tickets below before they sell out!

In the comments share with me what your vision is for 2019! I would love to hear!