My Biggest Mistake of 2016: Playing around with destiny

The time had come for me to prepare a post for the week; I automatically became frustrated.  To understand let’s take it back to a couple weeks ago.  As I was on lunch break I wrote on a piece of loose paper (mistake #1) the topics and outlines for the rest of the year.  The plan was to sit down and complete them all so I could release them like bam, bam, bam.  Of course, it didn’t get done like that. 

When the weekend came around I was ready to knock these last two weeks out; let me find this piece of paper.  I searched my journal, the other notebooks I keep with me, my desk at home, my purse, and work bag; no luck.  This means it must be at work.  NEGATIVE.  And with an immaculate memory as mine…I couldn’t remember not one point or even what the topic was; I do know that it was good though smh.

So here I was, Thursday was approaching and I sat at my computer with a blank stare.  It’s the end of the year so I automatically began to reflect on 2016.  I believe I couldn’t find that little piece of paper for a reason… there was something else that I was meant to discuss and a message that someone needed to hear before the New Year hit.

Looking back, 2016 has really shaped out to be a building year.  2015 I was able to develop; this year I was able to build on it, and though I ate good it feels that I left a lot on the table…

…I was playing around with destiny.

Back in the day, my friends and me loved to ride our bikes around the neighborhood (do kids even do that anymore?).  We would head down to a friend’s house to see if they were home but find ourselves doing dumb stuff in the middle of the road.  I have never been a bike trick girl (…and the one time I tried I almost broke my arm), so my go to was to change the gear on my bike; exciting I know.  As I would begin to pedal as hard as I could I exerted excessive amount of energy but moved nowhere. 

It wasn’t until November that I realized that I was doing the same in my business.  That I was sitting in the middle of the road playing around with the gear on 0; somewhere to go but playing around getting there.  Don’t get me wrong, I was working extremely hard but not really going anywhere.  I knew what needed to be done but continued to do the work that kept me busy instead of moving me forward.

I felt as though I was a bride that planned this lavish wedding; only to catch cold feet and leave the man of my dreams at the alter…waiting.  It was up to me to walk down the aisle and claim my husband.  That’s what this year began to feel like to me.  I was planning for the big day, creating content, talking with clients, sharing my dreams; but stood at the door when it was time act on the task to move my business forward. 

You may be wondering why am I sharing this?

…because I can DUH!

Nah, because I know that you may be experiencing the same cold feet phenomenon.  You too are so close to creating your reality but the fear of the unknown of those next steps have you standing by the door looking at it instead of claiming it. 

That you say... 

“Jas I have been filling out 50 applications a week” (but pass the hiring manager every day). 

“That the manuscript to my children’s book is complete” (but yet to send it to the publisher). 

“No one is buying my products” (but have yet to post it on social media)

That you have been staring at your breakthrough and began to think of becoming a run a way bride and leave it all behind you. 

Before we walk into 2017 take the time to reflect.  Why is it that you been pedaling with your gear on 0? What is keeping me from walking to the alter? Is it the excuses that you have come to believe? What will I lose if I stay here? What will I gain if I get there? How can I get out of my comfort zone to move forward?

The Crazy thing about it, is that as soon as I put my gear on 7; I would TAKE OFF.  It just took a small change, but it made a world of a difference.  What will it take for you to shift gears? (attitude change? Be strategic? Promote? Finish what you started? Plan? Set the appointment? Send the email?)

2017 NOW is the time to stop playing with your destiny.  No more talking about it, Stop having fantasies! Get focused, strap up those boots and GET TO IT!  2016 was the warm up… NOW IT’S GAME TIME!

How have you been playing around with destiny? What will you do today to shift gears and make moves?

Jasamine HillComment