“Nike Ain’t Worried About Reebok” : How to get ahead in a competitive world

It was the crack of dawn and I had awoke before my alarm went off. I tossed and turned but  I knew that getting the last hour of sleep was not going to happen.  So like every millennial I looked over my shoulder grabbed my phone and began to scroll through IG (@thefearhurlder if you don’t follow me already). 

Every once and a while I am able to find a great motivational quote to take my day to the next level.  There it was……posted in the weeeeeee hours of the morning “Nike ain’t worried about Reebok.”

Without a second look, I took a screenshot and sent it out to my friends accompanied with the routine good morning message.  It wasn’t a deep provoking, SAT word usage quote, but rather simple and straight to the point!  The world of business is filled with competition no matter where the company stands, someone is always looking for ways to claw to the top.  Nike in the athletic world is the MAN, they have found themselves the leader of most, if not all categories all these years, so of course other organizations such as Reebok have always scratched their coat tails. 

How does Nike continue to be great even after all of these years? 

Simple.......... they focus on NIKE.  They don’t sit around and wonder what Reebok is doing in Reebokland, but create ways to be better versions of themselves.  They literally just gave us a simple blueprint and instruction on success with 5 words.  But in the real world we go to class, work, and social media only to obsess our time with what the next woman is doing. Yes, I said obsessed!

We consume our day in Groupme chats or work IM’s with conversations “......ya ole girl ain't posted nothing in 3 weeks, I wonder what she doing..” or “...how did she get that project, probably because she kisses the manager’s butt always in they face…” 

But Nike just gave the blueprint and it did not include paying attention to their competitors.  So today let’s take a look at what causes us to focus on others and how to shift the focus back to ourselves, in order to get ahead in this highly competitive world. 

The Distraction

“People talk so much ish about me in barbershops they forget to get their hair cut....” wise words from the one and only Kanye West (Eveything I Am, is one of my faaaaaavvvvv songs by the way).  The older that I become, the more I realize that distractions do not generate from the outside; but 100% self-made.  When I KNOW that I need to sit down and write, but instead binge watch Good Times (the best show of ALL time…no debate) nobody caused that distraction but me. 

When we begin to spend time talking about our competitors, co-workers, boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends we create pointless distractions.  Remind me of when I am driving and the GPS is giving me turn by turn directions on how to arrive at my destination.  But being the talker that I am,I will get so caught up in my story that I become distracted and miss my turn.  This is why I LOVE this line from Yeezy. Our destiny can be right in our hands, in the exact place that we need to be in order to receive what is ours and what the heart longs for; but as a result of being focused on others we miss our opportunity. 

Social Media Is the Devil

#Relationship goals, #squad goals, #traveling goals, #work goals, ……goals, goals, goals.  If folks don’t sit down someone.  Social media has become one big comparison game where we base our whole life off of a couple post.  By logging in, we now have the ability to compare someone else’s highlight reel to our everyday living.  By doing this it creates an unfair advantage that we set ourselves up to lose every single time.  

Shift the focus

No matter where we turn or go now a day, we are always reminded about what somebody else is doing. How are we able to shift the focus with so many messages?  It really does sound easy to do when thinking about it, but in reality it is almost unconscious to start worrying about an individual that isn’t thinking about you. 

When I vary off of course, I first remember the goals that I have set in mind and the reason behind accomplishing them.  This keeps me authentic as it has to deal solely with me and no one else.  I look at how I can invest in myself; I pretty much become so obsessed with myself that what everybody else is doing becomes irrelevant (see how many times I just referred to myself).  If I really want to take it to the extreme, eliminate or limit social media; it could be the sole root of the issue. 

When I stay in my lane (focused on what I need to be doing) the unnecessary BS of work life is eliminated.  Do away with the he say she say, as it brings nothing to the table but negative vibes.  Watch as the change take place, you will begin to focus on your productivity and those around will begin to focus on you (see how the roles have changed....).  But you won’t mind because you are just striving to compete with yourself (the best NIKE you can be).  “Winners worry about winning, losers worry about winners”


……….which category will you fit in?