#OutHereLIVIN: 3 Ways To Live In The Moment

Last week was one of many emotions.  I found myself at the mountain top as I received some awesome news in regards to a couple projects that I have in process, and don’t forget I was only days away from my arrival in Mexico.  That high seemed to crash, when I found out that one of my High School basketball youngins had passed away after being in a car accident; like it couldn’t get any worse another High School classmate lost his life in a car accident only days later. Often times we recite the quote that “life is short,” but it seems to be just words and the right thing to say until it hits home.  We always expect older folks to pass away but when those around our age young and filled with life fade away it gives us a wake up call that life is indeed short. 

After I finally stopped asking God why (somethings in life are not meant for us to understand); I came to the conclusion that I needed to live in the moment just a little bit more.  Even though I am living my dream out I have become consumed with it.  Always brainstorming my next plans, dissecting what I am doing, and perfecting my craft, literally my mind is always on the go with no window of break in sight. 

But how could I let out a breath of fresh air and live in the moment?

Enjoy the moment

I came to the conclusion that I was a work-a-holic. Well, actually my linesister Relle made me realize it.  As we were on the flight headed to Mexico, I pulled out my planner, editorial calendar, and notebook as I started to pen the outline for my next couple of posts.  She looked at me as if I had lost my mind “Jas you are on VACATION! Put that work up.

Then she proceeds to put me on snapchat (I think that was the only thing saving me from her hitting me upside the head).  From my trip in the mountains (Turn The Switch Off: How I Made The Most Out Of My Vacation) it is difficult for me to not work.  My mind is always on the go and from the mountain trip, until now I have more on my plate that I FEEL has to be done. 

So after Relle got off her soap box;I decided that I was not going to pick up anymore work until we landed back in Charlotte (let’s be real I had already planned to get up every morning and knock out a couple things).  Not only that, I was going to leave my phone on airplane mode until our return.

Have you notice that we have become so busy trying to CAPTURE the moment that we fail to enjoy it? 

The effort that it takes to create the best caption on IG or the perfect filter on SnapChat; the moment has passed by and we were not there to experience it.  Without the consistent checks to see who posted what and reading all 2935403285 group messages; I was able to become immersed in all that took place around me.  Nobody had to give me a summary because I missed half the conversation while in my phone or writing in my notebook; I was fully aware enjoying every piece of every moment.



Be refreshed

Have you ever forced to create an idea?

You know after a while you start to develop dumb ideas (or am I just the only one?).  When we take the time to live just a little; it resets our brains and eliminates the clutter that we create in our head.  We have to give it time to clear out in order to fill it with fresh ideas. 

The love that I have for this blog is indescribable, my readers have become like family, so my next steps are always swarming around in my head.  But in order to live in the moment I had to kick the thoughts out of my head for a couple of days. 

As me and my linesisters sat at breakfast, every topic imaginable was discussed from educational policies, our futures, to relationships, and twerking (I told ya my crew is Sophistiratchet; Embrace Your Inner Sophistiratchet). 

Because my mind was refreshed and not filled with chaos, it gave me the chance to develop topics that I would never have given thought to as a result of our conversations. When we decide to live a little bit it allows us to disconnect in order to reconnect at a higher degree.

in formation on the beach

in formation on the beach


The first night on the resort we decide to all go out to the beach.  The Beats Pill was cranking ratchet tones, we danced, cracked jokes on each other, reminisced about college days; in summary the turn up was real.  For the first time in a long time I felt so





It was overwhelming.  I stopped everything to tell them “Y’all we really out here LIVIN!” 

And for the rest of the trip whenever I felt this overflow of being in the moment I would yell it out. It would soon become the unofficial slogan for the trip (……well that and #slaycation).



You may not be able to visit the clear blue waters of Mexico or even the scenic mountains of Tennessee; but whatever you do find a way to be PRESENT.  It may just be sitting quiet on the balcony while you listen to all of God’s animals make noise.  Or put down your phones to be engaged in conversation with your friends.  As life is short and we NEVER know when our time will come. 

Cherish the moment!

So you can look at others and say “Y’ALL WE OUT HERE LIVIN!!!!!”