How entrepreneurs can SCORE a mentor

When I started The Fear Hurdler, I had NO idea how to run a business. Would I need trademarks and an LLC? What should my business plan look like? Does it need to be 15 pages? Did I really need one?


I had a lot of questions but lacked seasoned entrepreneurs I could ask.  One day at work my co-worker, that was also starting a business, mentioned SCORE.

SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, that is dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals (  They are a non-profit organization that partners with the U.S Small Business Administration. 

I thought it was dope and decided to give it a shot.  And I’m glad I did! My mentored answered my questions and guided me in the right direction.

 How does it work?

Mentorship is a huge component of Score.  You have two options.  You can complete a questionnaire that includes your: industry, area you would like mentorship in, questions you need answered, and preferred contact method.  The individuals at SCORE will then pair you with a volunteer mentor (and if the mentor isn’t a good fit, you can request for a new mentor).

 The second method is to search their database of mentors. You just type a keyword and a list of mentor profiles will appear. Their profiles include a blurb about their business experience, areas of expertise, and industry experience.  Just like in dating, if you see something you like, click their full profile to read their experience in it’s entirely.  If they are a good match, just click the request button at the top. FYI, there is a maximum of request a volunteer can receive in one day. 

Lastly, the Score website has a mixture of live and online workshops to aid you as you start and grow your business.  The categories include: Startup, grow your business, marketing, technology, finance and money, and management.

If you are searching for a mentor or have tons of questions, give Score a shot!

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