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9 tips to build a dope booklist

Last year I decided that I wanted to read two books every month….24 books.  It sounded excellent at the time but where in the H&M do I find 24 book titles to even read.  Here I had this great idea but absolutely no idea where to start. 

Where do we all go when we need answers…….GOOGLE.  After finding myself on page 10 (you know the search was real because we usually stop at page 2) I knew that my mission had ended before it had started.  But one day as I was scrolling on IG I came across this hashtag…#myleikbookshare and here were SEVERAL books that Myliek Teele, the CEO of Curlbox (who is an avid reader by the way) and thousands of people sharied photos of what they were reading……JACKPOT! This is exactly what I was looking for to jumpstart this new lifestyle as a reader. 

After I posted “Oh! So you don't read: 5 reasons people fail to pick up a book” I was overwhelmed by the response of people who reached out to look for a place to start.  They realized that they needed to step their reading game up, but was looking to me for direction, where to start? What to read? How do I read so many books? (I carve out at least and hour 4-5 days a week btw) but most importantly where in the hell did I find all of these good books to read? After my initial goldmine find on Insta, I have been able to develop some tips along the way to get started with your own reading list, and ladies if you stay until the end I have a nice surprise for you!

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Oh! So you don't read? 5 reasons people fail to pick up a book

If you haven’t noticed it by now but I like to read; actually scratch that..I LOVE to read.  My goal for the year was to read at least 2 books a month and by April it turned into almost a book a week!  Let me be real it has not always been that way.  Throughout my life the only time that I picked a book up was for class (and I would barely read that).  During graduate school I went to a conference where every attendee was given a book; I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start reading (I mean that is what grown-ups do, might as well start acting like one).  Too bad that I did not see pass page 10 before the book went to the land of the unknown never to be seen again.  So the decision was reached that reading just wasn’t my “THING.” 

Fast forward two years later……. It has become my “THING” literally it has changed my life from the way that I think, view life, manage money, network, pray, and has turned weaknesses into strengths.  But of course being the person that I am I LOVE to share the knowledge that I learn after reading a great book. This is why my friends are always telling me that I have a book recommendation for EVERY situation (just call me J-Hizzy Libreezy).  This is why I am always confused when someone comes to me with a situation and I recommend a great book that will address everything they are going through and they say “Oh, I don’t read….”

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