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3 Tips for side hustlers who hate their job

You are two seconds from your breaking point.  If your manager looks in your direction you may just flip and say F it all!  If it isn’t one thing, it’s another and at this point you are sick of it all. 

The day is spent thinking “why can’t I just work for myself already!”  My side hustle needs to become my main hustle NOW.  But the reality of the situation is that your bills don’t care how you feel and your side hustle isn’t bringing in the cash flow to sustain you financially.

It is tough to be working towards your calling but still in a job that is nothing but a headache.  Bottom line…you HATE your job.  The situation may be terrible but there is a silver lining.  I know you’re thinking “GIRL, enough with the positivity, my manager is one of Satan’s demons; there is NO good in this situation.”  Trust me, I have been through the fire as well.  It wasn’t until I viewed the job I hated in another perspective that the flames of hell disappeared.  Here are some tips that I found that worked wonders!

1. Your first investor


Most of our ideas need it; websites, products, business cards, books, conferences, workshops, etc.  It seems as if we are always shelling out funds.  How do you purchase this stuff? The place you can't stand gives you a check every two weeks.

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It Goes Down in the DM: How to get noticed in a saturated JOB market

Social media is filled with all type of features.  You can write on someone’s wall, share valuable content, but the feature with the highest stock is the …..INBOX (why you think you’re man won’t give you the password….hmmm).  Yo Gotti has made it that more acceptable to slide in someone’s DMs.  Why not see if your crush has the same feelings as you, never know if you don’t ask huh….. Shoot your shot right?  We will slide in and out all kinds of inboxes but what about the inbox of the hiring manager for a new job?

How many of us are not in the field that we would like to be in? 

In this day and age there are literally hundreds of people FIGHTING for that one position.  All we continue to do is…

Go online…

Fill out the application…..

Get rejected days later….

Go to the next job posting….

…..and do the same thing with the expectations to land the job.  When was the last time you tried a different approach to your job search? 


LinkedIn is a platform to “manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.” It is a social media beast for all things involving your career; you have the opportunity to post your resume, stay connected with your network, but my favorite is to see how my network is connected to folks that I want to get in contact with (you know, I have a friend of a friend of a friend that works at xyz).  When I ask people if they have a LinkedIn profile they either give me the dazed or created one and haven’t visited it since then. 

After a college professor had us create one in class one day; I did not use it to its fullest potential.  Instead I chopped it up to the fact that it wasn’t beneficial to me but in reality I did not take the time to learn HOW to use it.  At one point in life everything is a new experience, but it is up to us to educate ourselves on it. 

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Are You A Runaway Employee? The reason you are jumping from job to job

At first glance would you say that you are a runaway employee? (trick question, many of you already said no without even knowing what it mean). 

If the phrase was in the dictionary it would be defined as an individual who goes from job to job only to find themselves in the same predicament.  The Urban Dictionary maybe say; someone who is in denial that their ish stank so instead of looking in the mirror to fix the problem they search for other opportunities only to find themselves in the same place a couple months later; rather run than deal with the real issue.  

The “unhappiness” that we experience in the work place is the result of something that was initiated on our part; as every action has an equal or greater reaction.  If you go to work with the “I’m just here so I don’t get fired” attitude day in and day out; don’t be surprised when passed up for a promotion.  

Of course someone will ask why you didn’t get it and our response “management doesn’t like me” (Oh really…..please tell me more *side eye*).  I guess management hasn’t liked you in the last five jobs, and the next job will probably be no different.  Why is it that the first reaction is to RUN? Is the grass really greener on the other side?  It usually isn’t.  So let’s take a look to see what is causing our grass not to grow.

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I just want the money! 3 reasons why you will always hate your job

In the wise words of Lil’ Wayne “Money is the motive.

It plays a huge part in the decisions that we make in life.  Majors are chosen solely on the ability to secure a job that pays bank.  The job that we seek after, has little to do with what we like, but it pays a lot of money.  A lame will get play not because of his personality, but because he has money (seriously please explain why people think Bird Man is sexy…….I’ll wait).  It’s true that we make decisions and chase after many things because of money. 

What would you think if I told you that we had it all wrong?

As Adele says …..should I keep on chasing pavements even though it leads nowhere?”

Let’s put this into a situation. You meet this fine guy at the club one night (I mean Omari Hardwick coming out of the pool after fixing Mary Jane’s light bulb fine *fans self*).

You give him your number, and the both of you decide to get up for dinner the next day.  At dinner, you discover that he has absolutely nothing going for himself but his looks; let’s go ahead and label him a scrub.  But because he is sofine you don't cut him off.

You don't see yourself marrying him, but the relationship becomes comfortable so instead of leaving you continue to stay.  Only to wake up to see that four years have passed by (wasted away) with him and one day you realize that there must be more to life and decide to leave him. 

Chasing a job for money is the same.  One day we chose a position because it pays well, only to notice that years have went by and you absolutely hate what you are doing. 

I Hate My Job

Think about all of the people that you know (even point the finger at yourself) that hate their job.  If I was paid a dollar for every person I saw on FB or having Snap Chat rants, on how much they dread walking into those doors every day; I would be as rich as Oprah. 


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