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5 Things to do before ballin out with tax money

Americans everywhere patiently waited as the clock hit 12 and it was officially January 2017.  While some were waiting to begin their New Year’s Resolutions; some of us were excited about another event. 

The arrival of the W-2s. 

Poor little post men began to be annoyed more than when a little kid ask “are we there yet?” for the 100th time in 5 minutes. 

The quicker the W-2s dropped the sooner we all can run to our closest tax preparation place to get all of the bands that the government was going to run us (which reminds me, if you REALLY enjoy The Fear Hurdler, let me claim a couple of your kids…Thanks in advance)

And of course memes flood the internet like...

Which reminds me how I wish I would’ve learned this lesson a lot earlier in life.  As soon as my deposit would hit, I would run to the mall and buy the latest Jordan, Coogi, Roc A Wear and Black Label outfits, and then go out to eat EVERY single night.  Now as I look at my closet full of outdated clothes and a nearly empty bank account, I think to myself…DAMN I SHOULDN’T HAVE SPENT ALL MY TAX MONEY!

I’m not telling you what you should do because it is yours at the end of the day; just HIGHLY suggesting some things you should do with your tax money before you make it rain.

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Why you should cut your hair to experience this feeling
"Freedom! Freedom! I can't move freedom, cut me loose!"

As I walked into the hotel room in Atlanta after the “big chop”, Cherrelle begins to sing this like she was auditioning to be Beyonce's backup singer.  I mean we were in town for the Formation Tour but I didn’t realize she was directing the song towards me...well until she followed up with...

“How do you feel….do you feel FREE?” 

After riding around in ATL traffic all morning, the A-hole side of me said.. 

“Uhhhhhhh no… I mean it’s just a cut.” 

Just under two years ago I went from long hair don’t care, to being a Dej Loaf look alike; so cutting my relaxer off didn’t feel like a big deal to me. But after I sat on the question for a while I begun to wonder........really, what did this jump to the natural world mean to me?

When was the last time you did something purely because you wanted to? No matter what any one else's opinion was; your actions remained un-bothered.  When I first cut my hair , I wanted to go natural but the consensus from everyone was that it would not be a good look. Even though they didn’t want me to cut it in the first place; they voiced that if I cut it I should keep it relaxed, and that is just what I did.

But when I decided to do the "big chop", I talked about going natural but everyone thought I would just transition.  I left it at that and did not reveal the plan I had.  So I called up my girl Rachel and said “giiiiiiirl I need you to chop all my hair off.”  She probably thought I was playing, well until I showed up to my appointment and then she found out just how serious I was.

I consulted no one....I didn't ask for conformation....I just made the decision and did it……..

A couple days later I posted a picture on IG like whoop there it is…….

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