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Contain Your Sharkeisha: What to do when enough is enough

Sharkeisha and the hit heard around the world.  If you didn't know about it, a couple of years ago there was this fight that went viral on WorldStar Hip Hop.  It all went down when two young girls got into it with each other about boy (smh).  The video shows the two confronting each other, and Sharkeisha gets real calm and all of the sudden BAM  she hits ole girl with the okey dokey.  This hit was so bad I think I held my jaw when I watched it.  We all have that one co-worker who just continues to push, and push, and push, and push our buttons until the point that we have had enough. They create several avenues to piss you off whether its the comments, creating lies about you, or always having your name in their mouth (slight obsession maybe?). The right thing to do in these situations is to kill them with kindness, but it just feels so much better to stoop down to their level and get even.  But since we are achievers, this behavior doesn't allow us to reach our full potential but instead holds us back from being all we can be.  So just before you step out of character and let all of your rage and frustrations go; take a minute to woosah and let your actions reflect that of someone who is ready for the next level.

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