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Trust your gut like Olivia Pope


Am I the only person that claim to be finished, only to go back a week later? (just ask any of my ex-boyfriends).  Sit down, let’s have story time.  If you follow me on Twitter (@TheFearHurder), you may remember my constant rants about a certain internet provider. 

My request was simple.  Transfer my internet from my old apartment to the new.  That’s it.

What did I receive instead? A self-installation miscommunication, two tech guys with the wrong address, an installation done wrong, (you would think that the story gets better here huh?), don’t forget 4,909,534 conversations where fees were supposed to be waived…but still ended up on my bill.

All this resulted, I became a very frustrated Jasamine……VERY. FRUSTRATED. JASAMINE.

After every F up, I would vow that I was going to drop them like a bad habit.  “I AM DONE!”

Only to get on the phone with them, and they talk me into staying (doesn’t this sound like a Peter Gunz love story?).  A couple more months would go by, then I would once again have to go off about something else.  The cycle would continue.

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