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My Destiny Over Your Opinion: Why growth is tough

I have a confession.  

...I live a boring life. 

It is filled with routines and habits, and I am ok with that; because the excitement comes in what I do within the daily cycle of my life.  But every once in a while, I decide to make a dumb decision and live adventurous.  Especially with my workouts.  One day, I decided to head over to the greenway for a run.  From the initial excitement it seemed to be a great idea; get out of the gym, enjoy the scenery.  The trek began smooth; my pace was great, and the tones made me want to hit a Solange dance routine in the middle of the woods (sidenote: s/o to Solange and Mary J. Blige making it acceptable for the sistas’ that can’t dance…i.e ME).  

Well, that was until….

My shins became numb, and a knife felt as though it was piercing through my leg…

Pains in my lower back reminded me of what child labor would feel like…

Since I was in the woods, I no longer had a strong signal to hear music; just a bunch of skipping words…

And how can I forget the BUGS, they were eating up all of this #BlackGirlMagic…

Yes, it really is as miserable as it sounds!

I knew that this run was going to be good for me, and help me achieve #TeyanaTaylorBodyGoals; but I didn’t think that I could make it.  I looked back and I was too far from where I started, but looking ahead I didn’t even see the finish line. 


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Stay Lit! 3 ways to stay motivated

We have all been there…..

You think of this BOMB idea, and you are mad hype about it.  Can’t hold water at this point, so of course you have to share it with Instagram.  Everyone is like “Dang girl, that’s dope, can’t wait to see it.” (and we can’t forget that the picture getting hella “likes”). 

The first week; it’s the main focus.  All of your time is dedicated to this one area.  You miss out on all the turn ups happening around the city; ALL IN!  The next week; stilled focused but only worked a couple days on it.  But by the end of the month, it becomes…

….what idea? 

As time passes, it is pushed further and further down the to-do list.  After a while, you just don’t feel motivated to work on it.

If I wasn’t in your Kool-Aid with that …how about this.

You go to a conference, and the keynote speaker is giving you LIFE.  Before they finish you have already mapped out the changes that will be made.  Only to get home and fall back into the same routine of what you said that would change. 

Both situations the candle was LIT, so how do we keep it from being blown out in order to finish what was start? 


Who is in your crew


The people that we surround ourselves with play a HUGE part in the direction that we take in life.  Why you think your mama didn’t want you hanging out with Timmy down the street.  Because influence matters.  Some people have the power to blow your flame out (the ones that want you to stay in a box, or the folks that want you to do good as long as you’re not doing better than them, annnnnd can’t forget the lazy hatin’ heffas….), BUT, the right people can have the opposite effect. 


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Stuck on Stupid: how your past can keep you from the future

I was on the road stuck in traffic when my phone started to ring.  I was surprised because my mama only calls me on Sundays and my friends know that I can’t stand talking on the phone (ask yourself is this textable? No..Is it an emergency? No….then send a text) so it was out of the norm for my phone to be ringing at 5pm on a Tuesday.  But it was my homeboi Darril, he was probing me about my whereabouts.  This was a perfect setup for one of those “I need you to ……” but he already knew I was leaving one slaveship and heading to the next.  He mentioned that he had somebody he wanted me to meet and by the way he couldn’t get the sentence out without laughing and the chuckles in the back ground I knew that it was somebody that I knew.  My lovely line sister was in town for the day and they were going to come by and visit me at work (Yay! I love visitors at my part time it makes the time fly by).

As we talked about everything under the sun; the topic of my blog came up.  They laughed at the fact that I slide post articles in conversations as a shameless plug when an issue that I have covered is brought up.  Darril then hits me with a question “You always talk about the past issues but what about if you are still holding on to them…” Hmmmmmmm Darril had an AWESOME point, and just like that I couldn’t shake the thought and my wheels began to turn.

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Why your pit stop has a purpose

Back in my college years, I enjoyed nothing more than to hop in the car, and hit the road.  It didn’t matter where we were going, as long as I didn’t have to drive…I was always DOWN. “Jas you want to g.....” They would barely finish the sentence before I jumped up and said YEP, all I needed to know was the time we would be pulling out (no need to ask ten million questions, who all coming? Where we going? Who going to be there? What we going to be doing?….might as well stay at home instead of administrating a questionnaire). 

I always loved these trips because of the people I would meet, new experiences and of course my crew had to show'em how we partied in Charlotte.  But in order to have the time of my life there was a journey involved, and it always included pit stops. Somebody always had to use the potty (......usually me), we HAD to stop when we saw cheap gas, and of course a food stop was always necessary, and then back on the road we went.  Why? Because our pit stop wasn’t meant to stay all day but for a purpose (and I already told y’all I was tryna get there so I could turn up). 

So why is it that we stay at the job that we hate, won’t dump the no good boyfriend, or continue to stay in that wack city instead of moving where there is opportunity for us?  Baby girl do NOT confuse your PIT STOP for being the FINAL destination.  It’s not the end but merely just a short stop within life.

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"Coach I shot my shots!": What happens when we allow the crowd to decide our fate.....

So remember that time I told you all about how my college basketball career flopped (yea what happens when a dream is deferred). My whole life up to this point was geared towards making history of being the first woman in the NBA (a real life Monica from Love and Basketball).  I had prepared and trained for this moment my entire life and now my dream became reality when I packed my bags and went to college to be a part of the Women’s Basketball Team.  Hype was not even the word; I was like a celebrity the last day of High School “don’t forget about me when you make it big!” (I'll try not to......).  But once I stepped on campus and we had our first 5:45 am pre-season session things got real……REAL QUICK! (I really think I saw a sign that said welcome to hell...... all jokes aside).  I was shortest thing on the court standing tall at 5’3, I wasn’t the fastest, or the strongest, and confidence wasn’t the best but I had DRIVE.  But as the season would make it's start, the end of the bench became my bestfriend.  To see your dream being played out right in front of your face but slipping out of your hand will either make you work harder or drop the ball.  And once this situation started to unfold the choice was made……

The team was preparing to travel to East North Carolina to take on one of our conference rivals Elizabeth City State University.  This just wasn’t any ole school rivalry but a statement game.  You see our Head Coach previously coached there before she came to our school.  She wasn’t about to go to her old stomping grounds and lose.  You could sense it in the air without even looking at the schedule to know that the game was coming up.  The upper classmen warned us that practice was about to became OD! Got to make that free throw, every lay-up counts, nope that play wasn’t ran right get on the LINE! (I get tired by just talking about it). 

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I just want the money! 3 reasons why you will always hate your job

In the wise words of Lil’ Wayne “Money is the motive.

It plays a huge part in the decisions that we make in life.  Majors are chosen solely on the ability to secure a job that pays bank.  The job that we seek after, has little to do with what we like, but it pays a lot of money.  A lame will get play not because of his personality, but because he has money (seriously please explain why people think Bird Man is sexy…….I’ll wait).  It’s true that we make decisions and chase after many things because of money. 

What would you think if I told you that we had it all wrong?

As Adele says …..should I keep on chasing pavements even though it leads nowhere?”

Let’s put this into a situation. You meet this fine guy at the club one night (I mean Omari Hardwick coming out of the pool after fixing Mary Jane’s light bulb fine *fans self*).

You give him your number, and the both of you decide to get up for dinner the next day.  At dinner, you discover that he has absolutely nothing going for himself but his looks; let’s go ahead and label him a scrub.  But because he is sofine you don't cut him off.

You don't see yourself marrying him, but the relationship becomes comfortable so instead of leaving you continue to stay.  Only to wake up to see that four years have passed by (wasted away) with him and one day you realize that there must be more to life and decide to leave him. 

Chasing a job for money is the same.  One day we chose a position because it pays well, only to notice that years have went by and you absolutely hate what you are doing. 

I Hate My Job

Think about all of the people that you know (even point the finger at yourself) that hate their job.  If I was paid a dollar for every person I saw on FB or having Snap Chat rants, on how much they dread walking into those doors every day; I would be as rich as Oprah. 


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