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A Want Without A Plan Is Just A Dream: why your dreams will never become reality

Ohhhh, the times you and your work girls have had this conversation in the lunch room?

“Girl, I can’t stand this place, upper management don’t know what the hell they doing.  You know I have my degree in marketing right, that’s where I want to be.” 

I love to hear people and their aspirations of what they want to do in life.  They understand that the current situation is not their final destination.  But on the flip side, when asked what steps they are taking to land the marketing job?


This reminds me of my teenage years; I was CRAZY about Lil’ Bow Wow.  In addition to covering my wall with images of his face, I created a life in my head with this man;

We were going to meet, he was going to sign me (I was an aspiring rapper in the 7th grade; J Jizzle had BARS), then we were going to get married, play basketball and live happily ever after.....sounds pretty legit. 

Raise your hand if you had that same dream (just replace it with your boo, B2K or N’Sync).  Though I was slightly obsessed, how many times did I attempt to become real? Did I write a letter? Attend any meet and greets? Send him my mix tape? NOPE.  Many of our wants are just that, with no steps taken towards them; it is just like my marriage to Lil'Bow Wow; a figment of our imagination!

 Hoping Is Not An Action

“I hope that I win the lottery one day!” 

Seriously I do; 70 million dollars would look mighty nice in my bank account right about now.  But when you don't play the lottery, that is hard to achieve.  Which then doesn't make the statement make sense.  How can I hope to win the lottery if I don't even do the one thing to win it?

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