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Let Me Guess 2019 Is Going To Be Your Year Too, Huh...

It’s the beginning of December. Which means that 2019 will be here next week. Once we complete all of the Christmas shopping it is time to mentally prepare for 2019. I’m already seeing how everyone is claiming the New Year as THEIR YEAR. Mostly from people who said that 2018 was going to be the year (but that ain’t none of my business though).

I can’t front, I was one of those people. I entered 2018 with high expectations of what I was going to achieve. It would be the year that I was going to quit my full time job. I would be traveling every week to a new speaking engagement. And The Fear Hurdler would be a household name. At the top of the year if you remember I re branded with a new logo, website and was ready to take over the world.

By August, none of the things that I thought would come to life did. Instead, I was confused on the content that I wanted to post, no idea of what my signature talks would be, a sub-par launch of the #FearHasNoPower Movement, and only making a couple dollars here and there in regards to revenue from t-shirt sells. 2018 wasn’t looking good for ya girl at all.

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3 Effective ways to tackle your far-fetched dream

I got it!

The idea struck me as I was sitting at work. 

I was reminiscing about my trip to the amusement park, Carowinds with my brother Ju and his family.  My nephew, DJ who was ten at the time played me.  He wanted to ride the “big rides” instead of going to kiddy land with his mom and sister.  But the moment we were about to get on the first ride he punked out and said that he had to use the bathroom.

I thought to myself at my desk. THAT’S IT! We often get excited to chase after our dreams but the fear keeps us from getting on the ride.  That would make a DOPE book.

I had the idea, so I sat down to put pen to pad.  Then a magnitude of thoughts swirled in my mind…

Wow, you’re about to write a book…

and ENTIRE book! Hundreds of pages….

Girl not a blog post but a BOOK…you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. That’s a lot of writing. You have never written that much.  Do you even have 20 pages of stuff to talk about?

My dream has always been to publish a book; now I had the perfect topic to discuss. But, I didn’t believe that I was equipped with what I needed to bring my dream to life.  So instead, I stopped working on it and walked away.

You may feel that you will never have the money to start your dream business, that you are not qualified to be a speaker, or that you will never be the head of your department.   When you see where you are now, the dream seems so far fetch and it will never come true for you.  Now you feel discouraged and you don’t want to give it a try. But today you will stop running from your big dream and give it another shot.

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Girl! If you don't stop playing: 3 Reasons why you MUST launch your idea

Double Dutch.

A game of time and precision.  Your coordination must flow together for the ultimate jumping experience.  Unfortunately, I feel bad for whoever turns the ropes for me, because after five minutes I guarantee that they will hate me.  I watch carefully for the perfect moment to jump in.  As soon as I move towards the ropes, I abruptly pull back. 

Nah, it wasn’t time.

I want to be like the professionals and not mess up once I get in. It has to be flawless! This causes me to sit and watch the ropes instead of getting in on the action. I’m just waiting for the perfect time.  But the time never comes.

The perfect time.

The moment when you have every penny that you will ever need, a 35-year step by step plan, and the support of President Barack Obama to launch your idea.  The idea that you can’t stop talking about and the topic of every commercial break of Insecure.  When you see others on Instagram promoting the same idea you think to yourself “I am WAY better, they don’t have nothing on me!”  The blog launch, YouTube channel, podcast, boutique, or new service.  Yeah THAT idea.  Instead of moving forward, you continue to wait for the perfect time to jump in.  But your idea can’t wait much longer, here’s why.

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3 things to do when you don’t believe your In dreams

A couple months ago I had a conversation with a co-worker.  She shared with me that she wanted to seek other opportunities outside of the organization.  Being a connector, I was curious to see what her desired position was. Never know who I had in my circle that could help her out.  “I would love to be a Nurse, but that would NEVER happen.”


Big dreams. Limited vision.  My co-worker could create what life could be but her eyes didn’t allow her to see it.  If she allowed herself to, she would see that her dreams were in reach.

Do you find yourself developing dope concepts and ideas in your head? Only to follow it with “that will NEVER happen!” Does it seem that success is reserved for a limited few? What if I told you that it was possible.  Time to see your dreams with a new vision.

1. Reroute Limitations

Fact about Jasamine.  I am a VERY picky eater. If you want someone to try a dish out, I am NOT your girl.  That doesn’t stop people from asking me. 

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27 Year Old Brace Face: Never too old to get what you want

My family is straight outta South Carolina and hella country.   Not quite The Hillbilly’s but they possess many of the same qualities.  Never went to the doctor because Cod Liver Oil cures all, eating parts of random animals that you should never eat (a soup made out of pig's brain...REALLY) and the worse of all the process of pulling a tooth. 

I wished that my grandma followed the movies and how cool they made it look; you know tie a string around the tooth and attach it to a door.  But no, she would tilt your head back with a forceful left hand while wiggling the tooth with her right.  I use wiggle very lightly.  She used all her strength and if it wasn’t loose she pretty much made it.  If tooth only gave the slightest budge she would say “this tooth is loose.”


Instead of allowing the tooth to naturally fall out; she would firmly grasp it, twist it ONE good time and YANK it out of your mouth (give me a second, I’m having PTSD just thinking about it).

I concluded that I was NOT about this life and put together a plan.  Anytime a tooth was about to come out I wouldn’t say a word and kept my grandmother far away from checking my mouth.  While it cured my fears.  It also created a problem.  My teeth weren’t coming out on their own.  This caused my teeth to grow on top of each other. 

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You can still be great in spite of your weakness

I was in the third grade.

My class was transitioning to learn the Language Arts lesson of the day.  But not me; I was packing my belongings to trek down the hallway to Ms.Cooper’s room.  She was the teacher who taught all the kids who had their issues with reading comprehension, grammar and all that English stuff (aka the remedial class).  I wasn’t just on the #strugglebus but I drove the sucka, when it came to anything dealing with grammar or spelling you could count me out; I couldn’t grasp the concept of pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, yeah ALL of it. 

When Middle School hit, my academic life went through a transformation (thanks to my 6th grade social studies teacher for believing in me) from a struggling student looking at being held back to an all A student graduating with honors and obtaining a Master’s degree (it’s not how you start but how you finish). 

Through it all a part of that insecure third grade who hated being called up to the board in fear that she wouldn’t be able to spell the words or confusing their and there still was trapped inside.  Because that is the time you learn many of the fundamental concepts of grammar; and since I was behind I still lacked what came so easy for many. 

Looking at this you may wonder how in the hell can she be a writer? Isn’t that what they do, use grammar and words to get their point across? How could this be if that is not your strength?

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What one depressing TV show taught me about life

When I was developing this post my friend looked at me and said….”you’re REALLY about to write about Good Times” ……………Uh DUH! I mean it is the best show in the whole wide world.  When I tell older folks that this is my favorite show they always give me the confused look like ‘what does this 26 year old woman know about this.’ (and if your too young you may be wondering what the show Good Times is; a popular sitcom in the 70s about a family in the projects of Southside Chicago). 

Back when I had cable it was not uncommon for me to watch it faithfully every Saturday on TV Land from 10am-4pm (Yes it was Scandal type concentration don’t text or call me and don’t DARE think that I’m going to leave the house).  When I started to watch it I related to it so much that I became HOOKED (yes I have all the seasons on DVD, a lunch box, T-Shirts, two autograph posters, and have met Thelma TWICE……I’m poppin or whateva). 

Even though I didn’t grow up in the projects, life hasn’t always been easy.  Just like the show I’m the only girl with two brothers and an auntie that is always spillin’ the tea.  Yeezy may have taught you but Good Times definitely showed me a thing or two.

1. Surround Yourself With Good People

The company that you keep is KEY!  Thee Evans family always hung with some good folks.  Even though Wiona was always gossiping; she gave encouragement, was dependable, pressed the family to strive to be better.  When Florida moved to Arizona to be with her new husband Carl, she even kept an eye on the kids.  A lot of your friends won’t watch your child for two hours…. (things that make you go hmmmmmmm).

2. Your Environment Is Not An Excuse

The Evans family lived in the projects of Southside Chicago.  They were surrounded by gangs, addicts, and poverty; every element that says that you shouldn’t succeed in life.  They didn’t allow their current situation to determine what they wanted to accomplish.  It was not a stronghold to stay there, but the fuel to a better future.  James and Florida was still determined to send their kids to college (well except for JJ, there was no hope for him). How have you been allowing your current situation to hinder your future?

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