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5 Things to do before ballin out with tax money

Americans everywhere patiently waited as the clock hit 12 and it was officially January 2017.  While some were waiting to begin their New Year’s Resolutions; some of us were excited about another event. 

The arrival of the W-2s. 

Poor little post men began to be annoyed more than when a little kid ask “are we there yet?” for the 100th time in 5 minutes. 

The quicker the W-2s dropped the sooner we all can run to our closest tax preparation place to get all of the bands that the government was going to run us (which reminds me, if you REALLY enjoy The Fear Hurdler, let me claim a couple of your kids…Thanks in advance)

And of course memes flood the internet like...

Which reminds me how I wish I would’ve learned this lesson a lot earlier in life.  As soon as my deposit would hit, I would run to the mall and buy the latest Jordan, Coogi, Roc A Wear and Black Label outfits, and then go out to eat EVERY single night.  Now as I look at my closet full of outdated clothes and a nearly empty bank account, I think to myself…DAMN I SHOULDN’T HAVE SPENT ALL MY TAX MONEY!

I’m not telling you what you should do because it is yours at the end of the day; just HIGHLY suggesting some things you should do with your tax money before you make it rain.

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Tired of being broke: how to have more money without making more

Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of being broke? 

Paydays are just a myth, because after I take care of bills, it is like it NEVER happened....


When my paycheck was chump change (more like minimum wage); my first thought was that I needed more money in order to have more.  But then I started a position that doubled my previous salary, in addition to working a part time job,and my pockets still carried lint in them. Of course me being the millennial that I am, I did what we all do…..start to look at other positions that paid more.   

It was in that moment that I stopped myself and asked a valuable question “Why am I always broke?” It wasn’t as if I was out here wearing Red Bottoms and Gucci belts, in reality it didn’t feel that I was spending money on much.  And how could I dare think about building a savings account, if I didn't have any money to put in it?  

I had to figure it out, because clearly making more money wasn’t going to fix this problem until I got to the root of it.

Change Of Mindset

Have you ever talked so much that everyone stopped listening? (I talk A LOT so this just may be my testimony.....).  The hour and thirty minute story that you just told about that one time in band camp, went in one ear and out the other......

Well, when we talk to ourselves believe it or not our subconscious keeps an attentive ear.  It soaks up everything that you say about yourself “I can’t save,”  “I never have any money,” “I’m always going to be broke.”  Though these sayings don’t seem as if they mean much, but in reality our subconscious takes heed and plays out on everything we just said. 

In January I added financial books to my reading routine.  I just knew that by adding this it would give me a blueprint on how to start making it rain. 

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