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I Quit!...Or was I Fired? 3 lessons I learned by facing the truth

Have you ever lied about something so much, that you even begin to believe the story that you tell?  So deep in that you don’t even know what the truth is anymore; the fiction story that you have told over and over again flows so easily off of your tongue. 

What causes us to fall into these traps?

 It’s fairly simple……..THE TRUTH HURTS! It hurts like hell, so instead of facing it, we look for ways to avoid the pain at ANY cost (even if it means becoming a liar).

 I found myself falling into this trap; and it wasn’t until I faced the truth that I was able to learn the lesson that life was trying to teach me.  Remember in MY STORY when I said that I would tell you how I was fired.  Other than the folks involved; I would tell a watered down version of what happen because I couldn’t come to terms that I WAS FIRED…..

 Lesson #1 Be Real

It all started when I became a part of an Inside Sales Program in the sports industry; this program was developed to teach the ins and outs of sales and after completion of the year program you were then able to be promoted to the various sales departments.  

 I LOVED the organization but there was one problem….I HATED my job; to the point that it became painful to clock in.  So I did what every unsatisfied employee does…..I started to search for a new gig…..

 As I approached the 12 month mark, my manager begun to interrogate me on what my next move should be. I knew that I couldn’t do this for another year but you also learn that if you say anything other than sales that you will be shun and exiled.  So I wasfloating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee dodging him; always coming up with a new excuse of why we couldn’t meet. 

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