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A Guide to Break your Goals into Daily Actions

I’m greedy.

I like to eat, and I discover new places with GOOD food.  One day, I found a restaurant in the cut by the Charlotte Knights baseball stadium.  I saw on the menu they had a chicken sandwich with cinnamon pineapple.  Sounds interesting, so I ordered. 

Y’all when the sandwich came it was HUGE!

I didn’t know where to start.  Should I come from the side or cut it in half? For at least 10 minutes I was stuck on how I was going to eat this huge sandwich!

 Have you experienced the feeling?

Being excited about something that was big but no idea where to start?

You want to start the business, lose 20 pounds, or launch a non-profit in 2019 but you’re stuck; you don’t know what to do.

No worries, I have developed a system that will have you up and running with a to-do list today!

You ready?

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Let Me Guess 2019 Is Going To Be Your Year Too, Huh...

It’s the beginning of December. Which means that 2019 will be here next week. Once we complete all of the Christmas shopping it is time to mentally prepare for 2019. I’m already seeing how everyone is claiming the New Year as THEIR YEAR. Mostly from people who said that 2018 was going to be the year (but that ain’t none of my business though).

I can’t front, I was one of those people. I entered 2018 with high expectations of what I was going to achieve. It would be the year that I was going to quit my full time job. I would be traveling every week to a new speaking engagement. And The Fear Hurdler would be a household name. At the top of the year if you remember I re branded with a new logo, website and was ready to take over the world.

By August, none of the things that I thought would come to life did. Instead, I was confused on the content that I wanted to post, no idea of what my signature talks would be, a sub-par launch of the #FearHasNoPower Movement, and only making a couple dollars here and there in regards to revenue from t-shirt sells. 2018 wasn’t looking good for ya girl at all.

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How to skyrocket your success

Your stomach begins to rumble.

You noticed that you haven’t had anything to eat all date and hungry is an understatement at this point.  Of course, you check the refrigerator; and all that is in there is a piece of bacon, half empty jug of milk, and some coffee. So, you get in the car to head to a fast food spot.  There is only one problem.  You don’t have a taste for anything and no idea of what you want.


You may be experiencing the same feeling.  No, not driving around looking for something to eat.  But roaming aimlessly in life.  You hop to a new job, but it isn’t giving you the excitement that you are looking for.  You have no idea what to do with the blog that you just started.  And the business has been in the same place financially for over a year. 

And just like you don’t know what you want to eat; you may lack vision.  It is what you want to achieve or accomplish.  In conversations, I have found that many people give their attention to what they don’t want instead of deciding what they desire.  What happens is that you may find yourself feeling for more but if you fail to have a vision of where you want to go; you will spend a lot of energy going nowhere.

When you have a vision these are some of the benefits that will skyrocket your success.

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The Mid Year Re-Up: 3 ways to get back on track with your yearly goals

Bruh! It’s the middle of the year ALREADY!  Where does the time go?  It reminds me of when I am playing Taboo and it is always that ONE person cheating with the clock…… like why is the time moving so fast? (P.S never play Taboo with me, I’ve lost a couple friends playing that game #ByAnyMeansNeccessary).  It seems as if we were just preparing for the New Year and now it is half way over with. 

By the way how are those goals going?  Have you been working toward them? Do you even remember 5 from the list? Actually raise your hand if you even know where your list is……..

Honesty moment…..

Everywhere that I go I carry a journal with me (minus the club….) and this year I was adamant about writing out all of my goals in the first 5 pages so that they would be accessible.  Well……I may have glanced at them once since February.  How do I know? I mean I WAS tracking my progress and well let’s just say no updates have been made since then… 

My bad.  Yeah I dropped the ball on being a good example with it comes to goal tracking this year.  But one thing about God’s grace is that he always gives us a new day and another chance to get it right.  So if you are just like me and fell off of the goal wagon; here is how to get back in the game.

1.       Reassess

When I finally took a look at my goal list I became……. OVERWHELMED; especially when it came to my fitness goals.  When I returned from Mexico I decided to take a little break from the gym, but a little break turned into a couple of months.  As a result, the goals were a little far fetched and unattainable at this point.  Instead of becoming discouraged I just adjusted. 

Realistically if I worked my hardest what would I be able to accomplish by the end of the year? 

Make sure to make it realistic but also ensure that it will stretch you to put some work in.  And if you have been on it and knocked a couple goals out; how can you further stretch yourself to go to the next level?

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“Nike Ain’t Worried About Reebok” : How to get ahead in a competitive world

It was the crack of dawn and I had awoke before my alarm went off. I tossed and turned but  I knew that getting the last hour of sleep was not going to happen.  So like every millennial I looked over my shoulder grabbed my phone and began to scroll through IG (@thefearhurlder if you don’t follow me already). 

Every once and a while I am able to find a great motivational quote to take my day to the next level.  There it was……posted in the weeeeeee hours of the morning “Nike ain’t worried about Reebok.”

Without a second look, I took a screenshot and sent it out to my friends accompanied with the routine good morning message.  It wasn’t a deep provoking, SAT word usage quote, but rather simple and straight to the point!  The world of business is filled with competition no matter where the company stands, someone is always looking for ways to claw to the top.  Nike in the athletic world is the MAN, they have found themselves the leader of most, if not all categories all these years, so of course other organizations such as Reebok have always scratched their coat tails. 

How does Nike continue to be great even after all of these years? 

Simple.......... they focus on NIKE.  They don’t sit around and wonder what Reebok is doing in Reebokland, but create ways to be better versions of themselves.  They literally just gave us a simple blueprint and instruction on success with 5 words.  But in the real world we go to class, work, and social media only to obsess our time with what the next woman is doing. Yes, I saidobsessed!

We consume our day in Groupme chats or work IM’s with conversations“......ya ole girl ain't posted nothing in 3 weeks, I wonder what she doing..” or “ did she get that project, probably because she kisses the manager’s butt always in they face…” 

But Nike just gave the blueprint and it did not include paying attention to their competitors.  So today let’s take a look at what causes us to focus on others and how to shift the focus back to ourselves, in order to get ahead in this highly competitive world. 

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Gearing Up for the New Year: A challenge to make 2016 your year…… .fo’ real this time #FaceYourFear

Can you believe that it is December already?  Seriously where does the time go? 2015 is almost finished, and 2016 will be here in just a blink of an eye.  As the New Year is right around the corner, I want to take this month to focus on preparing for 2016.  Because if you’re anything like me, you also huff and puff when seeing the “20_ _ is MY year!” “New Year, New Me,” statuses only to see that person do the same thing that they did the year before (after they said New Year new me last year……spaaaaaaare me).  So this year we WILL make it better than the last.  It is all about competing with yourself every day, and everyday getting better. 

As we go along this journey of preparation don’t feel as though you are by yourself, because I will share with you some of my obstacles, and plans for 2016 as well.  Just as I will hold you accountable, feel free to get in my behind if and when I am slipping.  If you find yourself struggling don’t hesitate to shoot me an email (, and we will walk through it together. Make sure to subscribe to the email list to receive weekly reminders, and goodies on how we will conquer once the New Year arrive. 


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Ain't Nobody Got Time For That: What to do when there isn't enough time in the day to get it done


If I had to take a poll of the top 5 excuses used, I'm positive that "TIME" would be at the top of the list.  “I don’t have time,” it irks my nerves every time it comes out of someone’s mouth.  Ok, even though I can't stand it, I can't lie to you either. The time bug has caught me a couple times......scratch that ALOT of times.  

When you are ambitious, others can see your potential even if you don’t see it within yourself.  I first began writing small articles here and there about health and personal development; I would send them out to a couple family members and friends just to see their thoughts.  At the time, it was just something to do and ideas that I needed to get out of my head.

It was my outlet.... nothing major.  

Everyone would respond with "Jas you should really start a blog." A blog? Giiiiirl bye, don't you know that I'm working two jobs, 7 days a week most of the time, and you want me to start a blog? Bruh, I DON'T HAVE TIME!

Or did I?  

In order to cultivate a  change that is planted in our heads, we must first rid ourselves of this excuse.  If it is not moved out of the way it will continue to shackle us to our limitations.

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A Want Without A Plan Is Just A Dream: why your dreams will never become reality

Ohhhh, the times you and your work girls have had this conversation in the lunch room?

“Girl, I can’t stand this place, upper management don’t know what the hell they doing.  You know I have my degree in marketing right, that’s where I want to be.” 

I love to hear people and their aspirations of what they want to do in life.  They understand that the current situation is not their final destination.  But on the flip side, when asked what steps they are taking to land the marketing job?


This reminds me of my teenage years; I was CRAZY about Lil’ Bow Wow.  In addition to covering my wall with images of his face, I created a life in my head with this man;

We were going to meet, he was going to sign me (I was an aspiring rapper in the 7th grade; J Jizzle had BARS), then we were going to get married, play basketball and live happily ever after.....sounds pretty legit. 

Raise your hand if you had that same dream (just replace it with your boo, B2K or N’Sync).  Though I was slightly obsessed, how many times did I attempt to become real? Did I write a letter? Attend any meet and greets? Send him my mix tape? NOPE.  Many of our wants are just that, with no steps taken towards them; it is just like my marriage to Lil'Bow Wow; a figment of our imagination!

 Hoping Is Not An Action

“I hope that I win the lottery one day!” 

Seriously I do; 70 million dollars would look mighty nice in my bank account right about now.  But when you don't play the lottery, that is hard to achieve.  Which then doesn't make the statement make sense.  How can I hope to win the lottery if I don't even do the one thing to win it?

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