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What one depressing TV show taught me about life

When I was developing this post my friend looked at me and said….”you’re REALLY about to write about Good Times” ……………Uh DUH! I mean it is the best show in the whole wide world.  When I tell older folks that this is my favorite show they always give me the confused look like ‘what does this 26 year old woman know about this.’ (and if your too young you may be wondering what the show Good Times is; a popular sitcom in the 70s about a family in the projects of Southside Chicago). 

Back when I had cable it was not uncommon for me to watch it faithfully every Saturday on TV Land from 10am-4pm (Yes it was Scandal type concentration don’t text or call me and don’t DARE think that I’m going to leave the house).  When I started to watch it I related to it so much that I became HOOKED (yes I have all the seasons on DVD, a lunch box, T-Shirts, two autograph posters, and have met Thelma TWICE……I’m poppin or whateva). 

Even though I didn’t grow up in the projects, life hasn’t always been easy.  Just like the show I’m the only girl with two brothers and an auntie that is always spillin’ the tea.  Yeezy may have taught you but Good Times definitely showed me a thing or two.

1. Surround Yourself With Good People

The company that you keep is KEY!  Thee Evans family always hung with some good folks.  Even though Wiona was always gossiping; she gave encouragement, was dependable, pressed the family to strive to be better.  When Florida moved to Arizona to be with her new husband Carl, she even kept an eye on the kids.  A lot of your friends won’t watch your child for two hours…. (things that make you go hmmmmmmm).

2. Your Environment Is Not An Excuse

The Evans family lived in the projects of Southside Chicago.  They were surrounded by gangs, addicts, and poverty; every element that says that you shouldn’t succeed in life.  They didn’t allow their current situation to determine what they wanted to accomplish.  It was not a stronghold to stay there, but the fuel to a better future.  James and Florida was still determined to send their kids to college (well except for JJ, there was no hope for him). How have you been allowing your current situation to hinder your future?

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