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A Guide to Break your Goals into Daily Actions

I’m greedy.

I like to eat, and I discover new places with GOOD food.  One day, I found a restaurant in the cut by the Charlotte Knights baseball stadium.  I saw on the menu they had a chicken sandwich with cinnamon pineapple.  Sounds interesting, so I ordered. 

Y’all when the sandwich came it was HUGE!

I didn’t know where to start.  Should I come from the side or cut it in half? For at least 10 minutes I was stuck on how I was going to eat this huge sandwich!

 Have you experienced the feeling?

Being excited about something that was big but no idea where to start?

You want to start the business, lose 20 pounds, or launch a non-profit in 2019 but you’re stuck; you don’t know what to do.

No worries, I have developed a system that will have you up and running with a to-do list today!

You ready?

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The Essential Guide To Get Started On Your Idea

It's Monday morning.  Which means you are dreading your department's weekly meeting. You are two seconds from falling asleep when a thought hits you.  "This weekend was boring.  I wish there was a place I could go and just chill with like minded people.  Hmmm, maybe I should throw a monthly kickback for people who don't like going to the club but still want something to do..."

The idea hits you and after that moment you can not stop thinking about it.  However there is a problem.  You have never threw an event, and have no idea how to develop one.  Does this sound familiar? No, not the fact that your weekends are dry.  But you have an idea but no clue where to start! 

After you have generated an idea here are three steps to get you started on your journey.

Step 1: Write it down

Our brains are a powerful tool.  It controls our bodies, determines our behaviors, release hormones which allows you to grow, and processes our memories (who knew you could learn so much watching Grey’s Anatomy). It makes sense for us to believe that if we think it, that we will NEVER forget.  THE LIES! Just ask someone who just put their keys down and are unable to find them now. 

If you write it down you won’t miss a beat.  It is easy to miss details that you developed days later when you attempt to recall them from your memory.  When your idea comes to mind, write it down so you don’t find yourself in the “what was that again” moment of regret.


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The Millennial's Guide to Adulting

The moment has come…

You have been waiting for this time to arrive since you were 10 and asked your mama if she could stop at McDonald’s and she responded with “do you have some McDonald’s money?”  That was the day you said to yourself….”I can’t wait to become an adult…..and then I can get all the McDonald’s that I want to!”  

Swagg’d out in your cap and gown; your friends and family couldn’t be prouder.  With a degree in one hand and your membership card to become a full fledge ADULT in the other! No more papers…you are free… Life is going to be GREAT.  I mean you only fantasized of this day for centuries and you are TURNT that it is finally here.  

But….. (why is there always a but?) life makes a turn for the unexpected, and this ADULT thing is nothing like you thought it would be.

After submitting 8,592,058 resumes, you even call your own phone to ensure that it is still working.  All these applications and NO call backs; and can’t forget that every entry level job wants you to have 10 years of experience.  So you take ANY job….and when I mean ANY…I mean ANY; which is usually very random and barely paying you pennies.  

And as a result, you are BROKE! Living check to check, would be an upgrade at this point.  Bills continue to bully you month after month.  And we still can’t figure out what is wrong with Sallie Mae, she has lost her mind for even asking for that payment .

Yes, my friend you have caught a case of the “ADULTING.” All of your initial excitement of how life is supposed to be after graduation is hit with a two piece and finished off with an upper cut.  There is no way that we can run from it.  We can either take the beating or learn how to navigate with a different approach to ease into the transition of becoming an ADULT. 

The Light

So I know that this isn’t much coming from one of the most optimistic people that you will ever meet (yes, I look at the bright side of every situation).  But please let me know how complaining has helped the situation? (….don’t worry I’ll wait).  ADULTING can cause life to really suck at this point; but there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.  

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