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5 Types of Friends you Need to be Successful

In college, my basketball coach had ALL the best analogies. 

From “Making the team” (a play off from Diddy’s show Making the Band), describing obstacles as “little bumps in the road,” and my favorite stay in your lane.  Stay in your lane, no we were not driving but her explanation wasn’t far off.  For the team to be successful everyone had a role that they played; if we stayed in our lane we would cover our bases and end the season as champions.  If we didn’t, well we would end up like Gonzaga


Makes me think of your crew of friends.  Friends have more influence on us than we think.  They are not lying when they said that we are the sum of the people that we hang around.  Think about it for a minute.  Say there is a girl that you may not experience a personal encounter with; however you know everyone in her crew.  And they let’s say partake in some promiscuous behavior (or they are THOTs as the young folk say).  Though you may know nothing more than what ole girl looks like; you have already made up a story in your head of all the guys that she has slept with just because of the people she decided to associate herself with (don’t act like you don’t be judging folks in the group chat).

Each friend has something different that they bring to the table.  Everyone has a different lane that they play and if filled you might see yourself winning the championship (being successful, achieving goals, just being a boss).  

So, who are these people?

The Achiever

Shining, shining, shining riiiight.  Yeah, all they do is win.  It seems as if every week they are knocking down another milestone; job promotion, bought a Benz, and just closed on a new house.  If the hashtag #Goals had a spokesperson, they would be it.  When looking at successful people, it can be easy to think that you are not privy to those same things.  However, seeing The Achiever on their come-up reminders you that it is possible and you get a front row seat at what you need to do to make major moves in your life.

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