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I just want the money! 3 reasons why you will always hate your job

In the wise words of Lil’ Wayne “Money is the motive.

It plays a huge part in the decisions that we make in life.  Majors are chosen solely on the ability to secure a job that pays bank.  The job that we seek after, has little to do with what we like, but it pays a lot of money.  A lame will get play not because of his personality, but because he has money (seriously please explain why people think Bird Man is sexy…….I’ll wait).  It’s true that we make decisions and chase after many things because of money. 

What would you think if I told you that we had it all wrong?

As Adele says …..should I keep on chasing pavements even though it leads nowhere?”

Let’s put this into a situation. You meet this fine guy at the club one night (I mean Omari Hardwick coming out of the pool after fixing Mary Jane’s light bulb fine *fans self*).

You give him your number, and the both of you decide to get up for dinner the next day.  At dinner, you discover that he has absolutely nothing going for himself but his looks; let’s go ahead and label him a scrub.  But because he is sofine you don't cut him off.

You don't see yourself marrying him, but the relationship becomes comfortable so instead of leaving you continue to stay.  Only to wake up to see that four years have passed by (wasted away) with him and one day you realize that there must be more to life and decide to leave him. 

Chasing a job for money is the same.  One day we chose a position because it pays well, only to notice that years have went by and you absolutely hate what you are doing. 

I Hate My Job

Think about all of the people that you know (even point the finger at yourself) that hate their job.  If I was paid a dollar for every person I saw on FB or having Snap Chat rants, on how much they dread walking into those doors every day; I would be as rich as Oprah. 


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