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Girl! If you don't stop playing: 3 Reasons why you MUST launch your idea

Double Dutch.

A game of time and precision.  Your coordination must flow together for the ultimate jumping experience.  Unfortunately, I feel bad for whoever turns the ropes for me, because after five minutes I guarantee that they will hate me.  I watch carefully for the perfect moment to jump in.  As soon as I move towards the ropes, I abruptly pull back. 

Nah, it wasn’t time.

I want to be like the professionals and not mess up once I get in. It has to be flawless! This causes me to sit and watch the ropes instead of getting in on the action. I’m just waiting for the perfect time.  But the time never comes.

The perfect time.

The moment when you have every penny that you will ever need, a 35-year step by step plan, and the support of President Barack Obama to launch your idea.  The idea that you can’t stop talking about and the topic of every commercial break of Insecure.  When you see others on Instagram promoting the same idea you think to yourself “I am WAY better, they don’t have nothing on me!”  The blog launch, YouTube channel, podcast, boutique, or new service.  Yeah THAT idea.  Instead of moving forward, you continue to wait for the perfect time to jump in.  But your idea can’t wait much longer, here’s why.

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Why growth doesn't equal perfection

This life that we live is a true journey.

A LONG one at that.

ESPECIALLY when you are growing in the process. 

It’s been about 4 years from the time that I decided to embrace personal development.  Not teaching or even being a life coach but just evolving into the highest version of Jasamine.  When I started to take an honest look at how I was limiting my own self and the things that were creating a barrier between me and what I wanted to accomplish in life. 

In this 4 year journey, there is not a week that goes by that I don’t see a way that I can become better.  Think about it; there is 20+ years of issues that I threw under the rug and vowed to never bother that consistently show up in all types of ways (…don’t even get me started on daddy issues).  But facing the past head on has single handily changed the person that you see today.  

Which reminds me, personal development is never a completed job.  Things always get better but then out of nowhere something happens that brings up another issue within yourself. But back to what I was saying because this is a journey, there is always just enough room to backslide.

“What you mean Jas?”

We are always faced with choices several times a day.  Either it can pull you closer to your destiny or you revert to your old ways.  For example; say that you are wanted to improve your attitude at work.  Every day you try your best to walk in with a positive outlook and make it the happiest place on earth (ok, that may be a stretch but at least bearable place for 8 hours).  So far things have been going great, haven’t even felt the need to curse nobody out.  Then it happens…

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