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Why your pit stop has a purpose

Back in my college years, I enjoyed nothing more than to hop in the car, and hit the road.  It didn’t matter where we were going, as long as I didn’t have to drive…I was always DOWN. “Jas you want to g.....” They would barely finish the sentence before I jumped up and said YEP, all I needed to know was the time we would be pulling out (no need to ask ten million questions, who all coming? Where we going? Who going to be there? What we going to be doing?….might as well stay at home instead of administrating a questionnaire). 

I always loved these trips because of the people I would meet, new experiences and of course my crew had to show'em how we partied in Charlotte.  But in order to have the time of my life there was a journey involved, and it always included pit stops. Somebody always had to use the potty (......usually me), we HAD to stop when we saw cheap gas, and of course a food stop was always necessary, and then back on the road we went.  Why? Because our pit stop wasn’t meant to stay all day but for a purpose (and I already told y’all I was tryna get there so I could turn up). 

So why is it that we stay at the job that we hate, won’t dump the no good boyfriend, or continue to stay in that wack city instead of moving where there is opportunity for us?  Baby girl do NOT confuse your PIT STOP for being the FINAL destination.  It’s not the end but merely just a short stop within life.

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