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5 ways to relax when you are stressed at work

Work can become hectic at times; and unfortunately, you can’t just say F it and walk out the door. The pressure to complete all 10 million task that has been thrown on your plate (…and due by 5pm) unexpected changes, dynamics between folks, don’t get me started on dysfunctional management; it will cause you to become STRESSED.I am pretty sure that stress from work is the leading cause of gray hair, weekend binge drinking, and why Massage Envy is still open. 


All we want is a moment of solitude. 

We can yearn for a chance to be able to think through the issues without developing an aneurysm in the meantime. A breath of fresh air PLEASE! Here are some ways to chill out in the middle of your workday.



Do you just feel like screaming this?  To just have a moment where chaos doesn’t exist.  That is where meditation comes into play.  No, you don’t even have to go on a top of a mountain for hours or even travel to India; just find a good 10 minutes.  Recently, I discovered an app called “Headspace.”  Though I always wanted to give meditation a try, I had no idea what I was doing.  This app guides you through a session that is only 10 minutes, giving you tips along the way. 


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#OutHereLIVIN: 3 Ways To Live In The Moment

Last week was one of many emotions.  I found myself at the mountain top as I received some awesome news in regards to a couple projects that I have in process and don’t forget I was only days away from my arrival in Mexico.  That high seemed to crash when I found out that one of my High School basketball youngins had passed away after being in a car accident; like it couldn’t get any worse another High School classmate lost his life in a car accident only days later. Often times we recite the quote that “life is short” but it seems to be just words and the right thing to say until it hits home.  We always expect older folks to pass away but when those around our age young and filled with life fade away it gives us a wake up call that life is indeed short. 

After I finally stopped asking God why (somethings in life are not meant for us to understand); I came to the conclusion that I needed to live in the moment just a little bit more.  Even though I am living my dream out I have become consumed with it.  Always brainstorming my next plans, dissecting what I am doing, and perfecting my craft, literally my mind is always on the go with no window of break in sight. 

But how could I let out a breath of fresh air and live in the moment?

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