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Surrendering to Celibacy: 3 lessons learned from sacrifice

I was in the mist of my valley. 

You know the point in my story where I was broke, unemployed and refusing to leave my apartment…yeah that part. 

But during that time I was entering year 3 of my situationship.  For all of you with great relationships that think that was a typo; it is actually a thing.  This is the point where you’re not together per se (you got a man? Nah I’m single) but your actions SCREAM relationship (arguing, fussing, and fighting like y'all together).  It’s a relationship without an ounce of commitment; we had our issues but that was my boo.

We had been together for a while but something weird began to happen and it was the first time that I experience this feeling.  I was on my way home from his place and I was having a heart to heart to God about my life situation.  I felt as though I had been in this low place for a while and nothing was shaking for me.  I was looking for him to do something DRASTIC in my life.  Not quite turn water into wine but maybe pop a job in my inbox or do some magic to my bank account. 

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